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The Benefits of Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is one of the more popular types of juices to make for a variety of reasons. Larger carrots are easy to buy, are not expensive and it is easy to make on a daily basis.

Just clean your carrots, cut up one apple and run it through your juicer.

benefits of carrot juice

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The carrots are sweet and the benefits from drinking this on a daily basis are significant.

Recommendations from doctors and researchers are that you eat between 7 and 9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. And, the benefits to your health are significantly greater from the vegetables than the fruits.

Eating that much each day can get overwhelming, so juicing can really increase your volume of vegetables without piling up a plate of vegetables in front of you.

A typical 10 ounce glass of carrot juice will have a bit less than a 1/2 pound of large carrots and one small apple when you’re using a single gear juicer.

You can also include a bit of ginger to the juice to give it a boost of vitamins and a great new taste.

Carrot Juice and Vitamin A

Carrots are very high in vitamin A and one glass can give you almost 6 times the recommended daily dose. Vitamin A helps your cells grow healthy and function optimally and nourish your immune system. It can also help to fight age-related macular degeneration.

The combination of apple, carrots and ginger will boost your potassium, magnesium and vitamin K. This unique combination helps to prevent heart disease and a lower risk of heart attacks in women.

Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

The anti-oxidants in carrots also play a role in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Anti-oxidants help your body withstand the treatment of cancer with chemotherapy and radiation and will help prevent the damage to cells from free radicals which are are a result of oxidation and metabolism.

Another nutrient in the carrots, falcarinol, has been found to reduce the risk of tumor development in rats.

Carrot Juice is Beneficial for Cardiovascular Disease

Another way that carrot juice is beneficial for cardiovascular disease is by reducing the lipid peroxidation. In research published in Nutrition Journal, scientists found that drinking carrot juice decreased the top number in the blood pressure measurements of participants and decreased the production of a damaging chemical from the oxidation of fats in the body.

Carrot juice also has a protective effect on damage to the DNA in smokers. Researchers who published their data in Nutrition Research and Practice, attributed the protection the the beta carotene effects n the bodies of Korean smokers.

Benefits of Carrot Juice For Your Eyesight

And finally, carrots have long been recognized for their benefits to vision and eyesight. Now doctors also recognize that people who are deficient in vitamin A and who have damaged photoreceptors, can have that damage reversed when they increase their levels of Vitamin A to normal.

Foods, like carrots and carrot juice, high in beta-carotene can help to restore vision and reverse the damage done to the cells.

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