Fun Thanksgiving Activity Ideas for the Whole Family

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and fun. But sometimes it can be hard to think of things to do that will entertain everyone. If you’re looking for some fun Thanksgiving activities for the whole family, look no further. Here are five ideas that are sure to get everyone involved and have a good time.

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Thanksgiving activity ideas

Go Back To Nature

One day over the Thanksgiving weekend, try getting back to nature. Get your family together and bundle up if you are in a cool climate.

Get yourselves outdoors to enjoy the bracing chill of the fall weather.

If you are in a rural setting, you may be able to find some live turkeys (domestic or wild) to view.

This is especially a good idea for Thanksgiving afternoon. You can walk off your Thanksgiving feast instead of letting it lie heavily on your stomach.

Make a Thanksgiving Scrapbook

Equipping everyone (both near and far) with a disposable camera to document the day is a great idea. You can have photos developed at a place that also provides digital photos.

Then you and your family members can share photos by mail and e-mail, create online albums and make great Thanksgiving scrapbooks.

Play Board Games

If you and your family enjoy playing games, there’s no better day than Thanksgiving. Pull out all your old board games and have an event.

Be sure to select games that are easy for all to play regardless of age or ability. Remember that the focus is for everyone to participate and have fun after you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast.

If you are able to make a trip to see far-flung family members on Thanksgiving, you can bring fun activities along. Here are some great ideas:

Organize a Pumpkin Race

Pumpkin Race - Thanksgiving Activities

Bring along some pumpkins and have a race. To have a pumpkin race, you would separate your family members into teams. The number of pumpkins you need will depend on the number of teams you create.

Make sure each team has an equal distribution of young and old so that everyone will have a fair chance to win. Create a course with start and finish lines clearly marked.

Teams compete by rolling the pumpkins from the start of the course to the finish line. People who don’t want to play can be cheerleaders.

Play Charades

Charades is a great game for groups. Have small bits of paper and pencils available for everyone. Ask all players to write the title of a TV show, sports activity, movie, or song on each slip of paper.

They should then crumple or fold up the little pieces of paper and place them in a bowl, hat or other receptacle. Players each draw a piece of paper and act out the topic written on it. Other players guess at the titles.

Give Thanks

Give Thanks - Thankgiving Activity Ideas

At the start of the Thanksgiving meal, have each person at the table name something for which he or she is grateful. It can just be a word or a short sentence. It doesn’t have to be a speech or a toast. This exercise can precede or take the place of saying grace depending upon your family’s usual practices.

When you make it a point to set up enjoyable activities that all family members can enjoy, you are sure to create a memorable holiday experience. These activities will help break the ice between family members who have not seen each other for a long time. They will help everyone have a grand time to be happily discussed for years to come.

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