How To Outsmart A Picky Eater

Picky eaters can be very crafty, but with a little care and the right tactics, you can outsmart them. In this article, we will share some of the cleverest ways to outsmart a picky eater. Read on to learn more.

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Be Sure To Develop A Sound Strategy.

If you have a plan in place when snack and meal times roll around, you will be prepared. With a good plan of action, you will not find yourself reduced to undignified (and unsuccessful) wheedling and begging. You will be able to present foods with confidence and reasonably expect them to be eaten.

Let go of your need for control.

One way to set yourself up for failure is to demand absolute control. If your child has troublesome eating habits that lead to weight gain or loss, you may feel a strong need to control this situation; however, this is counterproductive. It may also backfire and cause your child to want the very sorts of foods that should be avoided.

These days, excessive weight is a problem for over half the US populations. Therefore,it is important to instill wise eating habits and a healthy relationship with food early in your child’s life. Your anxiety and need for control will not do this. Relax and give your child a chance to learn his or her own food and hunger cues.

Follow a schedule for snacks and meals.

Plan your meals with appropriate, healthy snacks in between. When your child knows that he or she can count on being fed in a satisfying manner at specific times of day, it will  help reduce anxiety and picky eating. Routine is a good thing in childrearing.

Serve simple, wholesome foods.

The taste for combined foods such as casseroles is acquired. We learn to like these kinds of foods as we grow older. Children tend to prefer individual foods that they can identify. Even though casseroles are thrifty, combine a wide range of foods and are easy to prepare, if your child won’t eat your casserole, you’ve wasted your time and money. Even if you have a casserole, always serve some simple choices such as sliced fruit, plain pasta, steamed veggies and sandwiches as well.

Make fruits and vegetables more attractive.

Some kids don’t like fruits and veggies, but they are still a very important part of a balanced diet. You can sneak fruits and veggies into all kinds of foods by using your blender to combine them with sauces, dips and other types of foods. Some examples include cheese dip, pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce. You can also cut up veggies such as zucchini very small and add them to your pizza toppings. If you put lots of pepperoni and cheese on top, your kids will never know.

Always offer choices.

Provide a good selection of healthy foods at snack and mealtimes. By presenting a choice, you give your child some control over his own eating habits. Additionally, when you introduce a variety of good foods, your child is less likely to be picky and more likely to be healthy.

Make food fun and interesting.

Look for online recipes for ways to make food fun. For example, you could create a landscape of mashed potatoes or rice. Cut cheese, breads and fruit into interesting shapes. For adults and children, presentation makes a big difference in how appetizing a meal appears. By taking some time to make your kids’ meals fun and interesting, you are sure to pique their interest and their appetites.

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