How to Plan a Green and Fun St. Patrick’s Day Party

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, the color green probably comes to mind. If you are interested in getting a few family members and friends together on the big day, there are a lot of great ways to have a fun St. Patrick’s Day party that everyone will be taking about for weeks. Just think green and you can’t go wrong!

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How to Plan a Green and Fun St. Patrick’s Day Party

Plan Your Menu

Put together a menu first. Consider traditional St. Patrick’s Day fare, like Irish soda bread, Irish stew and garlic mashed potatoes. Mix it up with a bit of green food, like cookies adorned with green icing for dessert. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is always a good choice as well. For snacks, mix up some guacamole or put out fruit with green jello. The menu can be just about anything you want it to be; just try and add in those touches of green so the celebration is festive.

How to Plan a Green and Fun St. Patrick’s Day Party

Set The Date

While St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17th, you may want to hold your party on a different day if it doesn’t fall on a weekend. Consider either the Saturday before or the Saturday after the 17th. Think about a time that works well for you and create an E-vite for the event. You can also send out actual invitations. Whichever you choose, make sure the invitations reflect your theme. Ask your guests to RSVP so you know how many people are coming.

Start Decorating

Think about your decorations. St. Patrick’s Day brings forth a lot of images, like the leprechaun, a pot of gold (use pots filled with chocolate coins) and shamrocks. Adorn the party area accordingly. In addition, the colors white, green and orange are also associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Pick up paper products and balloons in those colors to decorate the space. Take lots of pictures of your guests as they arrive and enjoy your party area.

Plan Your Entertainment.

You can play Celtic music, or depending on your budget and the size of your space, you could even have a band come out. Challenge your guests to a limerick contest. Make sure you have pencils and paper on hand, and give them out to everyone. Set a time limit, like ten minutes, and let the creative juices flow. At the end of the time, have everyone read their limerick and vote on the winner. If there are children present, ask the guests to keep their limericks clean.

Speaking of children, if there will be little ones present at your event, have a few games for them as well. You can set up a treasure hunt so the children can find their very own pot of gold. Set out pictures of leprechauns and have a coloring contest (all the children that participate win a prize). Get creative; there are a lot of fun things for children to do this time of the year!

Serve Green Beer

If you have beer drinkers attending the party, try your hand at making green beer. Guinness seems like a traditional St. Patrick’s Day beverage, but it doesn’t turn green very well. Therefore, you may want to try something else. For the non-drinkers, add a bit of food coloring to lemonade. Also, you can mix up lime sherbet and ginger ale to create a delicious punch.

St. Patrick’s Day is a lot of fun. If you want to celebrate, take these tips and use them to have a great St. Patrick’s Day party with your family and friends.

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