Ozobot Review

Ozobot is a tiny robot, measuring 1 inch in height and diameter, which comes with a photo sensor array for recognition of patterns, lights, colors, and codes, an automatic detection functionality for physical and digital playing surfaces, and color sensing technology.

How Much Does The Ozobot Cost?

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The Ozobot, inclusive of four apps, will be available for $59.95, and available in two colors: Snow White and Titanium Black.

Who Would Buy This?

People can spend hours and hours playing their favorite mobile games. This is especially true for avid gamers. However, experiencing a bit of monotony is going to be unavoidable, so it will be up to the users to find a way to break it. The Ozobot offers a different – and undeniably fun – way of playing, and its array of features makes it the perfect gaming companion for gamers of all ages, experience, and skill levels.

Things We Like

  • The diminutive size of the Ozobot is one of the many things we like about it. At only 1 inch height and diameter, it looks tiny, but it sure packs a lot of features and capabilities in such a compact package.
  • The Ozobot can automatically detect playing surfaces, whether it is a physical surface or a digital surface. Therefore, it can work not only on the LCD of a tablet, it can also work just as well on top of a drawing paper laid out on top of a flat surface!
  • But what is truly impressive, other than its versatility when it comes to playing surfaces, is how seamless the transition is when it moves from a digital surface to a physical surface, or vice versa.
  • In fact, the Ozobot is so smart, it can understand and respond to more than a thousand sets of instructions. We already think it rocks, for the simple reason that it can track lines, patterns, and even light and colors, using its photo sensor array. But the color sensing technology, which causes it to react and respond to colors, makes it even more irresistible. It would come as no surprise at all when gamers will now require an Ozobot whenever they play.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The 40-minute battery life may be quite short for some gamers, especially the hardcore ones who spend hours and hours playing their favorite games. Even the charge time, which takes 40 minutes to charge it up to 100%, is quite a long wait, especially when you consider that, at full charge, it can only operate continuously for 40 minutes. Many would say that its “Quick Charge” function is not so quick, after all.


At the moment, there are still no announcements on applicable product warranties and guarantee for Ozobot.

Is It Worth The Money?

At $59.95, Ozobot is definitely worth the money, especially when you take into account its many features and how it makes the whole playing experience even more interactive and pleasurable.

Where Can I Buy?

The Ozobot is sure to be available at the official site, as well as other online merchant sites including, but not limited to, Amazon.

Final Thoughts

In order to make the most of your gaming or playing experience, having the Ozobot on hand certainly won’t hurt at all!

The Ozobot is a modern game for fun old fashioned game nights

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