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Original Spiderman Costume

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The Amazing Spiderman child costume

Official Marvel licensed Spiderman costume with muscle torso.


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Spiderman has always been a big hit and is still one of the most popular superhero costumes available even years after the first movie was released. Not only is the Spiderman costume high quality, it’s also comfortable and fun to wear.

Like in the movie franchise, you’ll find that the jumpsuit for this outfit is red and blue with a large black spider on the chest. Along with the jumpsuit, you’ll also receive a mask for concealing your identity.

Many Spiderman costumes come with boot covers included. This allows you to wear a pair of shoes that you’re already comfortable walking in but to help them blend in, look for shoes that match the boot covers. All you have to do is attach the covers and you’ll be ready to go.

Some of the costumes you can get do include gloves for Spiderman but some don’t, so you should look carefully to see which ones have these before ordering.

If you want to go for a more realistic superhero look, you can also grab web shooters. The web-shooters will allow you to spray water or string.

Spiderman Girls Costume

Spiderman Girls Costume
Spiderman girls costume consisting of a dress, belt, hoodie and eye mask officially licensed by Marvel


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Although the traditional Spiderman costumes are very suitable for both boys and girls, there are also several Spiderman girls costumes available. Most of them have a (tutu) skirt instead of pants and come in the original red/blue color or in pink.

There are so many choices and sizes, so check them all here

Black Spiderman Costume

Black Spiderman Costume

The Black Spiderman Costume is available for adults and kids. See them ALL here


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If you don’t like the usual red and blue costume, you can get the all-black Spiderman costume that consists of a jumpsuit and a hood. This costume was made popular from the movie when Spiderman wrestled with being good versus being bad.

Another character you or your child may enjoy dressing up as from The Amazing Spiderman is Gwen Stacy. Gwen is Peter Parker’s love interest in the first and second Amazing Spiderman movies.

A costume for her would involve a white lab coat with the Oscorp logo, a short dress, and cute glasses. You’ll also want to make sure you grab a blonde wig and black headband.

What if you don’t want to be one of the good characters on Halloween? Then you can choose to play Electro, a villain from the Amazing Spiderman. In the movie, Electro is an ordinary engineer that develops superpowers after an accident.

A costume for Electro would feature a black hoodie and blue mask. Some Electro costumes may even light up, making this a good costume choice for nighttime wear.

The Green Goblin is another beloved villain that’s fun to dress up as. A costume for the Green Goblin would have a jumpsuit. This jumpsuit may vary in color, but most of them are green as you see in the movie.

Some of them come with the goblin mask and you can get these in adult sizes. There are also accessories sold separately that you can get to add to the costume.

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