Budget Friendly New Years Eve Party Ideas

budget friendly new years eve party ideasFollowing all of the excitement and planning that goes into Thanksgiving and Christmas, you might not be all that enthused about making big plans for New Year’s Eve. No matter if you make plans or not, the day is going to come and most people are going to want to celebrate. Try the following budget friendly New Year’s Eve party ideas to minimize any further strain on your already depleted holiday budget.

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1. Even if you can’t make it to Time’s Square to watch the official ball drop, you can still have a memorable New Year’s Eve celebration. Invite guests to your home to watch the event on T.V. This way, you can still be part of the big ball drop from the comfort of your warm home.

2. Establish a party budget before you start making plans. There is no need to spend a lot of money for a gathering that just includes close family and friends. You can lower costs by asking guests to bring essential party supplies likes cups, ice or plates.

3. You can go a step further and ask guests to also bring food and drinks to the party. This is a great way to still have everyone together on the special day even if you don’t have the money for a lavish spread. Most guests will have no problem helping out with refreshments.

4. The added expense of using disposable dinnerware may be a valid trade-off for not having to wash a huge load of dishes after the party is over. You can save money by purchasing these supplies at dollar stores. It’s a good idea to buy twice as much as you think you will need since guests may use more than one plate.

5. Skipping the alcohol at your party will not only save you money on champagne, it will also help to ensure that all of your guests safely make it home that night. It will also allow you to have a party that includes children so that you can make the event a family affair. Non-alcoholic sparkling cider can give the illusion of champagne without any of the problems that alcohol brings.

6. For entertainment, have a few different board games available for guests to play. If there will be children at your party, make sure there are a couple games just for the kids to enjoy as well as games that guests of all ages can play together.

7. Don’t bother with fancy decorations. Balloons, hats and streamers are great if you can afford them, but if not, don’t worry. You and your guests will still have a great time with no decorations at all. If you insist on having some type of decoration, you can print out signs or pictures on your computer and hang them up.

8.There is also the option of simply spending New Year’s Eve at home with only the members of your household present. You can watch movies and play games together until the ball drops and then just head off to bed. There is no rule that says you must throw a party or invite lots of people over if that’s not really what you want to do or if it’s not something that you can afford to do.

These inexpensive New Year’s Eve party ideas can work for almost everyone. It is possible to have a great time without spending a ton of money. Establish a budget right off the bat and ask guests to bring any items that you can’t afford to supply.

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