5 Dance Workouts For Fun And Fitness

Does dancing make you happy? Do you love to tap your feet and get moving to the music? Have you been on the look out for the perfect fitness routine? Dancing is superb exercise on many different levels. You may have noticed how fit and toned dancers look – well, that’s because they enjoy a regular full body workout.

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dance workouts

Dancing is a terrific form of exercise, and it’s fun. There are lots of different forms of dance to choose from. You can attend a formal dance class with friends, you can dance alone in the privacy of your own home, you can even enjoy the dancing video games which have been specifically created for fun and fitness.

Here are a few examples of the different types of dance genres – which one is right for you?

Ballet Dancing

Ballet dancing is not for the faint hearted. Professional ballet dancers train from birth in order to master the intricate moves and grace – but that doesn’t mean that anyone can’t enjoy a ballet class, whatever their age. Ballet does include many precise moves so in order to do it properly you must take this into account before choosing on ballet classes as your chosen dance and fitness regime.

Ballet is particularly good for the bottom half of the body including the legs. It will work wonders on flexibility and posture. If you really want to study ballet it does take some commitment.

Latin Dancing

If you have a dance partner then you can enjoy a cha-cha, merengue or salsa, if not then you can always take a Zumba class. Zumba has become incredibly popular lately, it’s a dance which really works on the hips and the torso building a strong core, improving posture and reducing the risks of back strain. It’s quick and it’s lots of fun. Latin dancing is a great way to get some exercise into your life whether you dance alone or with a partner.

Indian Dancing

There are some fabulous Indian dances which are perfect for beginners. One such example is the Masala Bhangra – a kind of Electric Slide which works the upper body and arms. This is low pressure and low impact and everybody can do it – either with a partner or on their own.

Jazz Dancing

Jazz dancing is the perfect way to get a little work into your thighs – in a fun way. Jazz music is smooth, cool and sexy and the dance routines are just the same. Not sure what jazz dancing is – it’s a little like a Broadway musical. Jazz dancing classes are typically quite high energy affairs with a great combination of cardio with power and strength – jazz dancing can burn up lots of calories but are truly great fun.

Tap Dancing

This classic dancing routine is perfect for the feet and the lower legs. If you’re the sort of person who always starts to tap their feet in time with the beat then tap dancing could be the perfect solution. Tap dancing doesn’t require lots of hand – foot co-ordination and is a great strengthened for joints and bones. It’s much more friendly on your joints than running or even jogging but the results are remarkably the same.

With so many different types, forms and genres of dance around there’s sure to be something perfect for everybody. Whether you are a beginner or studied dance in a former life (even many years ago) get out your dancing shoes and enjoy some great exercise and great fun. Many dance classes are available at local fitness centers and community centers – it’s often a very cost effective way to get fit and have fun with friends. And if you don’t have any friends to go with you can be sure that you’ll make some at your class.

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