Declutter Your Home In 3 Simple Steps

It is common for those working traditional hours to have at least a couple of weeks off each year for vacation and perhaps some additional time as well. Many find if they take some time away from their traditional work and put that effort into removing the clutter that has built up over time, that it can be refreshing work.

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Declutter Your Home


Even for those that do not have much time off from their daily grind, it is recommended that you use one weekend each month and use it to help keep your life more organized.

Be sure to let family and friends know that time is specifically reserved for the purpose of de-cluttering and it is important not to be disturbed and taken away from doing it.

Make A Time Commitment

It is important that your family understand the importance of this time or otherwise they are very likely to try to put demands on you that prevent you from organizing.

A good idea to keep others from nagging you too much is to suggest that they pitch in and help you to organize. Then if their help saves you some time, you can do what they want.

This will usually keep the naggers at bay, and if someone does help, then great. You will be glad to do something for them with the time they saved you.

Sort Out Your Clutter

Do not allow yourself to get sucked into looking at old photos are debating over whether you should keep an old shirt you have not worn in five years. If you have decided that it is important to declutter your life, then stick to it and get rid of those things you do not need, and better organize the storage of those things you do need.

Have the discipline to stick to the task of decluttering your home during the time you set to do so.

Make 3 piles for the things you are gathering:

  • In the first pile, you will put things you need to keep.
  • In the 2nd pile are the things you will get rid of. It is a recommended rule that if you have not used it in any way in over six months, then it is not needed and you should throw it out.
  • A third pile can be made for the things you might possibly need, but are not using now. It is easy to lump everything into this pile and it, therefore, requires the most discipline and attention. Still, the last thing you want to do is to throw something away just to find it is the very thing you need on another day.

File It

Piles of paperwork can really keep you feeling something is left undone. Sort through your mail, throw away what’s no longer needed and file what you do need. Make a good filing system so that when you do need it, you can find it. But until that time, just forget about it.

Committing to taking consistent action, filing away paperwork, and getting everything else sorted out is the perfect solution to decluttering your home.

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