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Gifts For Coffee Lovers

If you’re a java addict or know someone who is, we have compiled a list of perfect gifts for coffee lovers everywhere. This list is perfect to get some ideas for your own wish-list or for that java loving friend.
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Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Carafe

Cold Brew Coffee Maker Carafe Iced Coffee, Thermos

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With this cold brew maker she can make her favorite cuppa the night before and have it to go in the morning.

Turkey Mug

Turkey Mug with Fez - Friends TV Show Mug

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We love this turkey mug with fez and sunglasses, because it was inspired by hit TV show Friends.

That episode where Monica wears a turkey with fez and sunglasses to apologize to Chandler for cutting off his toe?


925 Sterling Silver Caffeine Molecule Necklace


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A beautiful caffeine molecule necklace in sterling silver makes a beautiful, elegant gift for a coffee lover.

Coffee Lovers Gift Basket


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Beautifully presented Starbucks coffee gift box containing a range of coffee products and a Starbucks coffee mug.

Goodies include Starbucks coffee, Nonni’s biscotti, Walkers shortbread rounds and Assorted Teavana tea.

Coffee Scoops

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For the perfect cup of java you need the right amount of ground or beans! These scoops are accurate, sturdy and they look stylish!

Yeti Coffee Travel Mug


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For the guy or gal who won’t leave for work without a morning java, this mug keeps coffee warm for hours on end.

It also suitable for ice cold drinks and comes in 17 colors and prints.

Coffee Recipe Book

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Coffee on it’s own tastes amazing, but if you want take it up a notch, a coffee recipe book like this one offers over a 100 drinks to make at home.

It has step-by-step pictures and instructions for making delicious cappuccinos, coffee martinis, desserts and more!

BigMouth Inc The Prescription Coffee Mug

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Nice gag gift idea for your coffee loving co-worker who can’t start work unless he’s had his first cup-a-Joe.

This mug features a prescription for coffee and holds more coffee than a regular cup.

Starbucks Coffee Cup Charm Bead


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The Starbucks fan will love getting this charm bead made from 925 silver. It fits Pandora bracelets, bur also Chamilia, Pugster and Trollbeads bracelets.

French Press Coffee Maker


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Most coffee enthusiasts agree that the best coffee made at home is actually done with a French Press. This Bodum Chambord is a classic French press coffee maker was designed in honor of the famous Chambord Castle in France.

It’s also one of the best coffee presses available at a very affordable price.

Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine


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Make an Espresso in less than 30 seconds with this portable espresso machine. It’s a perfect gift for a coffee lover who’s single or has limited countertop space.

Nespresso Pod Storage Drawer


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Know a coffee lover who already has a Nespresso machine? How about gifting that person this Nespresso Pod Storage drawer to neatly store their collection of coffee pods?

It fits up to 40 coffee pods and sits neatly under the machine, so it doesn’t take up any extra counter space.

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