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If you need to buy a gift for someone who loves the movie Grease, why not check out these Grease Barbie Dolls? Alternatively, this is also a great gift idea for any Barbie doll collector!

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The Grease Barbies feature the important female characters of the movie: Sandy, Frenchy, Rizzo, and Cha-Cha DiGregorio.

Grease Sandy Barbie Doll Summer Nights

Barbie Collector - Barbie as Sandy from Grease #2 - Tell Me More


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This Grease Sandy doll wears the clothes Sandy wore on the first day at school scenes to the Summer Nights song at lunchtime scenes.

Mattel obviously paid a lot of attention to detail with this one: The doll very much looks like Sandy and is very detailed with her hair and face.

  • Sandy has cute little pigtails and yellow daisy clips in her hair.
  • She wears a yellow cardigan and poodle skirt, a white blouse, a belt, and white sneakers.

All together now: “Tell me more, tell me more”

Grease Barbie Sandy Cheerleader Outfit

Grease Sandy Doll with Cheerleader outfit

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This Sandy doll wears the cheerleader outfit during the night she meets Danny again at the pep rally and bonfire night.

“You’re a fake and a phony, I wish I had never laid eyes on you!” Sandy from Grease

With this Grease Sandy Barbie doll you’ll get:

  • Sandy dressed in a Rydell High sweatshirt, red skirt, white socks, and sneakers with a pompom in each hand
  • Sandy’s hair is tied back in a ponytail
  • A musical doll stand
  • Pink label collector doll

Grease Sandy Barbie Doll “National Bandstand”

Grease Sandy Barbie Doll National Bandstand Outfit

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Here’s Barbie as Grease’s Sandy dressed in the white dress with a sheer white shrug she wore to the Rydell High dance contest with Danny.

Again great attention for detail as the doll has a half up-do like Sandy and her dress has a little flower at the waistline.

And let’s not forget the cute silver dance shoes!

Grease Sandy Doll Bad Sandy

Grease Bad Sandy Barbie Doll dressed in leather jacket.

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Not sure why they called her bad Sandy unless it’s all about the leather outfit. This is my favorite of all Barbie Grease Dolls and it comes from my favorite scene in the movie!

When I was a teen I would have loved an outfit like this. In fact, I still like it now!

Bad Sandy doll is wearing a leather jacket and pants, a black off-shoulder top, a black belt, red sandals, and gold earrings. Her hair is curled like in the movie.

The Barbie doll’s facial features very much resemble Olivia’s Newton-Johns face; it is exquisitely manufactured.

Grease Rizzo Barbie Doll Pink Lady Costume

Barbie Grease Girl Rizzo


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Rizzo is a bit of a bad girl in the movie: she doesn’t tell Sandy she knows Danny and then puts them face to face at the bonfire night.

She also doesn’t like Sandy very much, because Sandy is a bit of a goody-two-shoes.

However, later on in the movie, she’s a lot nicer and I like her being a feisty girl.

The Grease Rizzo barbie doll wears a typical Pink Lady outfit: a black pencil skirt and blouse, belt, red heels, sunglasses, and a clutch. And of course the Pink Lady jacket with Rizzo on it.

Grease Rizzo Barbie Doll Dance Off Dress


Grease Rizzo Barbie Doll Dance Off Dress - Grease Barbie Dolls


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Here’s Barbie dressed as Rizzo in the dress she wears to the National Bandstand dance-off. If you have seen the movie, you’ll notice the little details on the Barbie doll dress are done very well.

Rizzo wears a red dress with black lace/black flower details at the neck and red shoes. This doll is again very well made!

Grease Frenchy Barbie Doll Beauty School Drop Out

Grease Barbie Doll Frenchy

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Frenchy is actually Sandy’s friend from the beginning and helps Good Sandy with her transformation to “Bad Sandy” in the final scenes of the movie.

She leaves Rydell to go to beauty school, but drops out when her hair turns pink after “a little trouble in tinting class”.

This Grease Frenchy Barbie doll is from that scene. Barbie wears a light pink dress with a belt, a pink cardigan, and of course a pink wig.

Other Grease Barbie Dolls

There are a few more Grease Barbie dolls available such as 2 versions of the Grease Cha Cha Barbie Doll and another Grease Frenchy Doll dressed as “a beautiful blonde pineapple.”

Grease Cha Cha Doll Race DayGrease Cha Cha Doll Race DayBuy NowBarbie Grease Girls FrenchyBarbie Grease Girls FrenchyBuy NowGrease Cha Cha Dance-Off DollGrease Cha Cha Dance-Off DollBuy Now


Unfortunately, I have yet to come across Grease Barbie dolls of other characters like Jan, Marty, Danny, Putzie, Kenickie, Sonny, or Doody.

I would love to see Mattel release more of the Grease Barbie dolls because there are a lot of fans out there that would love to complete their collection, myself included.

The Grease movie is still very popular with the young and old, so I hope Mattel will expand the Grease Barbie Dolls collection.

Grease Movie Gifts

There are so many gifts to find for the Grease movie lover. Pretty amazing for a movie that was released in theaters over 40 years ago, yet is still so popular today.

Here’s a selection of Grease movie gifts that will make fans really happy!

Grease: The Director’s Notebook

Grease - The Director's Notebook


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Grease director Randal Kleiser looks back at the making of the movie and there are exclusive new interviews with the key cast members.

You’ll find plenty of never-seen-before photos, anecdotes, and scripts. It’s a treasure trove for the Grease fan. I personally own 2 copies of the book; 1 for flicking through whenever and 1 for collecting.

Beauty School Dropout T-Shirt

Beauty School Dropout T-Shirt - Grease Movie Gifts


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This T-shirt is the perfect way to show your support for the ultimate beauty school dropout, Frenchy.

Grease Movie Tell Me About It Stud V-Neck Tee

Grease Movie Tell Me About It Stud V-Neck Tee


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Looking for a stylish and comfortable tee to show your love for the classic movie Grease? Look no further than the Grease Movie Tell Me About It Stud V-Neck Tee!

This soft and lightweight tee is perfect for any casual occasion, and the v-neck cut is flattering for any body type. Plus, the bold “Tell Me About It Stud” graphic is sure to get you compliments from fellow fans of the film.

Grease Movie T-Birds Systematic, Hydromatic, Ultramatic Ceramic 14 Ounce Coffee MugGrease Movie T-Birds Systematic, Hydromatic, Ultramatic Ceramic 14 Ounce Coffee MugBuy NowPink Ladies Grease Stemless Wine Glass Officially Licensed Collectible Premium Etched By Movies On Glass 15 OuncesPink Ladies Grease Stemless Wine Glass Officially Licensed Collectible Premium Etched By Movies On Glass 15 OuncesBuy NowT-Birds Grease Movie Musical Pint Beer Glass Officially Licensed Collectible Premium Etched By Movies On Glass 16 OuncesT-Birds Grease Movie Musical Pint Beer Glass Officially Licensed Collectible Premium Etched By Movies On Glass 16 OuncesBuy Now



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