6 Fun and Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

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Kids love the Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday, but maybe you’re just looking for something a little different this year?

Let these creative Easter egg hunt ideas inspire you to mix up this tradition and make a memorable party!

Sugar Free Eggs

Ditch the sugar this Easter! Instead of chocolate eggs, fill colorful plastic Easter eggs with prizes such as:

  • Little toys (be careful if your kids are really young)
  • Mini nail polishes (for Tween girls)
  • Money (loose change to a dollar bill)
  • Movie tickets
  • Coupons
  • IOU
  • Stickers

Easter Egg Hunt in the dark

Get up at the crack of dawn or wait until dusk to have your Easter egg hunt. Buy Glow-in-the-dark eggs or paint the eggs with glow-in-the-dark paint and/or give the hunters a flashlight.

This idea is particularly fun for older kids, little ones might find it scary.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Hide small Easter eggs in specific places around the house with clues from one egg to the next. Leave a clue to start their journey.

For the final clue have them find a large chocolate egg, small toy or an Easter basket.

Colored Easter Egg Hunt

Assign each child with a certain color to hunt for. You can include a Golden egg as a grand prize.

This is great way to instill a little competition in kids and also ensures each child gets the same amount of eggs.

Reverse Easter Egg Hunt

Instead of hiding the eggs for your kids, have the kids hide the eggs for you to find.

The child with the smartest hiding place (the last egg found) gets a prize.

Coming up with creative Easter egg hunt ideas can be hard sometimes, but we hope these ideas have sparked some creativity!

Now hop to it!

Over to you: What do you have planned for Easter this year?

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas | Kids will love these fun and creative Easter egg hunt ideas!

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