DIY Easter Centerpieces

Decorate your table this Spring with one of these beautiful DIY Easter Centerpieces that will brighten up your room. Whether you like florals, eggs, bunnies or butterflies, these creative Easter table decorations are sure to inspire you!

DIY Easter Centerpieces

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Easter egg tree - DIY Easter Centerpieces

This Easter egg tree by Peanut Blossom was made using branches, a mason jar, decorated eggs and ribbons. Really easy and inexpensive!

Easter Egg Topiary Tree

Easter Egg topiary tree by Sand & Sisal.

Easter Centerpiece Made with 3 Tiered Tray


I love using a galvanized tiered tray in my decor, because they’re so versatile! You can use them for every Holiday all year round and it’s easy to create a unique table centerpiece every time!

Wooden 3 Tier Tray with Easter Eggs, Tulips and Bunnies


Soft and Lovely Easter Tablescape

A beautiful Easter tablescape by Kimberley from A Wonderful Thought.

I love the gorgeous pastel colors and wooden sugar mold she used to make this!


Easter Floral Arrangement

Easter floral arrangement by Purely Katie.


Easter Decor in Hobnail Milk Glass - Beautiful Easter Centerpieces That Are Easy To Make


Beautiful Easter centerpiece made with hobnail milk glass via Sadie Seasongoods.


10-Minute Spring Centerpiece with Bunny, Cotton Stems and Easter Eggs

Make this Spring centerpiece in 10 minutes by Our Southern Home. I love the cotton stems, such a great idea!


Easter Cross Centerpiece - DIY Easter Decor Centerpieces

A beautiful and meaningful Easter centerpiece by Leap of Faith Crafting that you can customize to suit your taste.

Easter Empty Tomb Craft - DIY Easter Centerpiece

This empty Easter tomb centerpiece show the reason why we celebrate the Holiday. What an inspiring idea by Savings Lifestyle.


Spring Easter Tablescape - DIY Easter Tablescape

Design Dazzle made this Easter tablescape with a cute little bunny in the middle. I love the addition of the silk flowers and pussy willows.

DIY Farmhouse Wooden Box Centerpiece

DIY Farmhouse Wooden Box Centerpiece tutorial by The Turquoise Home.

More Easter Decor Ideas

DIY Easter Centerpieces - Easter Tablescape Ideas To Make

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