7 Non Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

You want to give your child a memorable Easter, but you are concerned about all of the unhealthy calories in the traditional chocolate which shows up this time every year. Why not try some fun non-chocolate Easter gift alternatives instead? The 7 “un-chocolate” gifts idea below allow your child to enjoy an Easter celebration, without promoting unhealthy eating habits.

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7 Non Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

1 – Play-Doh eggs

Get your hands on some hollow, plastic Easter eggs. These are available at craft stores and big box retailers this time every year. Fashion Play-Doh or modeling clay into egg shapes and place inside the plastic eggs for a zero-calorie gift that your child can play with long after Easter has passed.

2 – Easter bunny ears

You can make your own rabbit ears at home, or purchase inexpensive ready-made models. Take some time to explain to your child how rabbits live and what they eat, and you may even be rewarded with a young carrot crunching Easter Bunny.

3 – Real eggs!

For hundreds of years, actual eggs were used to celebrate Easter. Hard-boiled eggs are fun for kids to dye and decorate, and then you can hide them for a traditional Easter egg hunt. Eggs are an excellent source of protein, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and vitamins A, B2, B5 and B12, making a much healthier alternative to chocolate.

4 – Plastic eggs

We mentioned plastic eggs earlier for holding Play-Doh or clay. You can also place coins, a scavenger list, nuts and dried fruit in plastic eggs for a fun, non-chocolate Easter treat.

5 – Make healthy “non-eggs”

speaking of nuts and dried fruit, you can combine these healthy chocolate alternatives with whole grains and granola and bake into egg shapes. You can also shape healthy cereal bars into egg shapes and place inside plastic eggs.

6 – Head over to Kidspot.com

This wonderful, free resource for parents makes keeping your kids occupied without chocolate on Easter easy. On the website’s Easter Activities page, there is a slide show of 20 different Easter fun time games and projects your kids will love.

7 – Make an Easter Bunny omelet

Replace the traditional chocolate Easter bunny with an omelette! Purchase an Easter Bunny profile cut out or stencil from your local craft store. There are also cookie cutters made in rabbit shapes. Add your child’s favorite omelette ingredients and you have a healthy and familiar looking Easter Bunny that is nutritious and filling.

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