Frugal Yet Fun Easter Gift Ideas

With Easter just around the corner, all stores are filled with those pre-made Easter gift baskets containing expensive toys and fancy candy. They are very attractive to some children, thus causing their parents to close their eyes and open their wallets. You can do that too, but you can choose our frugal Easter gift ideas instead.

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frugal easter gift ideas

-Why put Easter gifts in a basket? There’s no use for such baskets once the holidays are over. Get a toy pail instead, or a funny box with a lid. They are more useful than a basket.

All children expect to get chocolate bunnies for Easter. This is normal and you should buy some for all members of your family. However, filling a basket with lots of candy doesn’t make sense. It only pushes the kids to eat more sweets, thus adding to your dentist bills. Nonetheless, if you want to fill a pail, box or basket with goodies for your children, here are a few ideas they are most probably going to enjoy:

– Marshmallow-rice cereal treats. Colored marshmallows are catchy and delicious, so your kids will accept the rice cereal easier. You can consider dipping them in chocolate, if you wish.

– Easter cookies in funny shapes. You can use eggs, chicks, bunnies, flowers or everything else you think your children would like. Add some sprinkles or icing on top of them and you can be sure nobody is going to miss those expensive Easter gift baskets anymore.

-Dyed eggs. You need hard boiled eggs which you can decorate with special colors and stickers.

-Instead of giving your kids a basket of toys, you could consider offering them something educational and fun at the same time. Whenever you find discounted books for children, you can buy them and store them somewhere in your house. When you need gifts, you can offer them and save some money along the way, as books and other such items are usually more expensive just before important holidays.

Coloring books and crayons are also perfect for small children who love to make use of their creativity. They are usually pretty cheap, so they won’t affect your budget.

-Bubbles are also among the best gifts that make children happy. You can purchase them, but you can also make them yourself with a little dish soap, water and glycerin. For best results, use 1 cup of soap for 12 cups of water and add 3.4 tablespoon glycerin.

-Candles made from eggshells are another popular gift for older children and even for teenagers. You can make them very easily. Just poke a pin hole in the smaller end of the egg, then a larger one in the other end. Blow the content out, clean the shell and let it dry. Cover the pin hole with some adhesive tape, then pour melted wax into the eggshell. Don’t forget to place a wick into the wax in order to create the candle.

There are so many creative Easter gifts that cost you very little, that it’s not worth paying the price of those expensive, ready-made baskets.

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