Easter Bucket List + Free Printable

Celebrate Easter with this fun Easter bucket list! You’ll find over 40 fun and creative activities and ideas (plus a free printable) to make the best of the Easter holidays every year!

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Easter Bucket List

Easter Bucket List

There’s something for everyone on this Easter bucket list, adults, kids, couples, family, and friends will find some great Easter activities to really enjoy this Holiday to the fullest!

Best of all: most activities are free or will cost pennies.

Scroll down below for a free Easter Bucket List Printable!

1. Make Easter Cookies

Something that’s fun for everyone is making Easter cookies and eating them afterward. Make a nice big batch with egg-shaped cookies and serve them with tea for a fun Easter tea party!

2. Make Easter Cards

Making Easter cards is fun for adults and kids alike and the receiver will even be happier with a handmade card and a warm message. It will cheer up their day!

3. Go On a Nature Walk

This should be on your bucket list all year long actually. Going for a hike in nature whatever the season is really good for you.

Stretch those legs, forget the hurry-worry and enjoy whatever nature offers you at that moment. There’s something beautiful in nature in every season, even in the freezing cold winter!

Around the Easter holiday, there are lots of flowers to enjoy, chirping birds to listen to and nature is at the start of an exciting new beginning. Make sure you don’t miss it this year!

4. Plant new Flowers

Plant some new bulbs and anticipate their arrival.

5. Make an Easter Basket

Grab a beautiful basket from your local dollar store and fill it with goodies such as homemade cookies, jelly beans and peeps!

Add some wildflowers and dyed eggs for a fun and colorful gift that screams “Spring is in the air!”

6. Go To The Zoo

Head to your local zoo to spot those cute little baby animals!

7. Go On A Bike Ride

If the snow and ice of winter have cleared, dust off your bike and head out in nature to spot flowers and weather permitting, even enjoy a little picnic!

8. Dye Easter Eggs

Use natural ingredients such as turmeric, beets, purple cabbage, and onions to safely color your eggs. Use them for an Easter egg hunt and for a nice salad afterward.

9. Blow Some Bubbles

It was fun when you were a kid and it’s still fun when you’re an adult. Go on, live a little!

10. Make a Bird Feeder

Sure you can buy some nice ones, but making one yourself is even better. Maybe even give it an Easter theme? The birds will love it!

11. Go On An Easter Egg Hunt

Use those dyed eggs you made before and, of course, add some chocolate ones to enjoy afterward.

12. Eat Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans are very popular around Easter. Snack on them or use them to make a colorful bracelet. Kids will love this!

13. Have a Picnic

A Picnic in Spring is so much fun! Depending on where you go, you can spot little lambs and ducks, but it all depends on the weather of course!

14. Make an Easter Ham

It’s a classic Easter dish that needs to be enjoyed with loved ones.

15. Visit The Farmer’s Market

Support your local farmer and buy some delicious Easter goodies there. Visit Local Harvest to find one near you!

16. Host an Easter Brunch

Or make it a pot-luck and let everyone bring their homemade food.

17. Make an Easter Garland

Easter crafts are so much fun. Make a simple garland using a string and peeps or make one out of colorful pompoms.

18. Fly A Kite

Did you know that flying a kite is an Easter tradition in the Caribbean? Head out with your kite and clear the cobwebs in your head at the same time!

And no kite flying isn’t just for kids!

19. Go bowling

Support your local bowling alley and have a fun night with family and/or friends!

20. Have An Easter Tea Party

Bake Easter cookies, cupcakes or scones, and finger sandwiches and serve them with black tea as the Brits do!

21. Make Homemade Ice-cream

It’s so much better than the store-bought chemical stuff and fun and easy to do!

22. Watch Easter Movies

“It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown.” is an Easter Holiday classic. Check your local listings for viewing dates and times or get it on DVD.

Easter Movie Ideas

  • Peter Rabbit
  • Jesus Christ Superstar
  • Easter Parade with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire
  • The Dog Who Saved Easter

23. Take a Family Photo

And print it and add it to a frame or a scrapbook for lasting memories.

24. See The Cherry Blossoms

Blink and you’ll miss them, so go out and watch the trees blossom. So pretty!

25. Decorate Your Home for Easter

Pastels are always a favorite around Easter. Make your own Easter decor and show it off!

26. Easter Coloring

Coloring books are fun and help you relax too! Here’s a very popular one on Amazon.

27. Make an Easter Wreath

Great for welcoming guests and easy to make. See our post on DIY Easter Wreaths for ideas.

28. Make an Easter Tree

Get some branches like magnolia or cherry blossom, a vase, ribbon, and eggs (DIY or shop-bought). Arrange them in a vase for a beautiful Easter centerpiece.

29. Wear Bunny Ears

You don’t have to be a Playboy bunny to wear bunny ears! Just grab a pair (they’re very cheap) put them on your head and take a selfie. Instant pick-me-up!

30. Pin the Tail On The Bunny

A classic game that never gets old!

31. Buy an Easter Lily

A lovely Easter lily brightens up every room!

32. Eat Breakfast Outside

This all depends on the weather of course, but if it’s dry and you happen to own a fire-pit for some warmth, enjoy the singing birds and the re-birth of nature in your won backyard.

33. Change Your Sofa Pillow Covers

Pillow covers with bunnies, eggs, daffodils, or pastel colors will instantly change and cheer up the look in your living room.

34. Create an Easter Photo Album

Make lasting memories by creating an Easter photo album documenting all the fun Easter holiday events you engage in.

35. Create Easter Nail Art

Paint your nails with bunnies, Easter eggs, or Robin’s eggs. Check YouTube or Instagram for lots of inspiration.

36. Make Pink Lemonade

Or other pastel colors!

37. Send an Easter Card to a Friend

Homemade cards are the best, but a shop-bought with a heartfelt message will surely be appreciated!

38. Go Camping

Those first Spring nights under the stars and the scent of Spring in the air. Such bliss!

39. Have a Family Game Night

Old-fashioned board and card games never go out of style!

40. Go Easter Grocery Shopping

Plan your Easter menu and go grocery shopping at your local small business!

More Easter Ideas

Easter Bucket List Free Printable

Right-click the Easter bucket list image below, save it to your PC, and print. Alternatively, here’s a PDF version: Easter Bucket List Printable PDF


Easter Bucket List Printable

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