5 Essential Easter Table Decorations

Easter is a festival that means a lot for many people, and many of us choose to celebrate the day with family and friends by preparing a special meal. Easter table decorations help to mark this special occasion, and there are a number of items to choose from.

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Easter Table Decorations | Easter Decor Ideas #EasterDecor

The overall message is of new life and rebirth, and traditional Easter table decorations make use of bright spring colors to mark the time of the year.

Here is a list of five main table decorations you may want to incorporate, and the ways in which they can convey that hopeful Easter message.

1. Easter Napkin Rings

When it comes to creating your own Easter napkin rings, there are plenty of templates for you to print out.

All you need is some card, or even an old toilet paper roll, and you can glue the template on top before adding any embellishments.

Another idea is to make your napkin ring using ribbon: simple but effective!

2. Easter Tablecloth

You should use a tablecloth and runner to set the feel for the meal, but keep them simple to help draw more attention towards your centerpiece.

In addition, you may want to use place mats, napkins and plates that coordinate with the Easter theme.


Country Egg Embroidered Easter Table Runner #EasterTableRunner
Country Egg Embroidered Easter Table Runner. More info

3. Easter Flowers

Flowers make fantastic Easter table decorations, and there are a few flowers that are particularly popular around this time of year.

Lilies are the most traditional, as they symbolize the resurrection of Christ, but you might also want to get hold of other spring flowers such as daffodils and tulips.

Get a nice vase and this can also serve as your table centerpiece.

4. Easter Centerpieces

There are almost unlimited options when it comes to Easter centerpieces. You could opt for flowers, as above, or choose something like pillar candles with fresh foliage arranged around the base.

Another idea is to use a decorative fruit bowl, an Easter tree, or a beautiful basket to show off all of your decorated eggs.

Easter Basket with Flower and Eggs #EasterDecor
Easter Basket With Flowers and Glitter Eggs. More info….

5. Placeholders

Placeholders really add an elegant touch that will complement all of your Easter table decorations.

Why not make use of Easter motifs, such as painting your guests’ names onto eggs or egg cups, or using small nests full of Easter treats?

Easter table decorations aren’t just nice to look at – they can also provide excellent craft ideas for your kids while you’re busy getting everything ready!

They might enjoy dying some eggs, putting together place mats or helping you come up with ideas for other Easter decorations.

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