How to Feel More Confident About Your Body

How to Feel More Confident About Your Body

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More people today, both young and old, are overweight and obese than at any other time in human history. At the same time, print, television and online media display perfect images of the human body, sculpted, fit, trim and beautiful. It is no wonder that men and women, and even children, may suffer from a poor self-image about their bodies.

This shouldn’t be the case. You, and every other man, woman and child is unique and beautiful. You are truly one-of-a-kind, in body and mind. You should love and admire your body, especially since it is the only one you get.

Practice the following tips and you will come to appreciate and respect your body, building confidence and a well-deserved love of self.

Add Cologne or Perfume

Dr. Jorien van Paasschen of the Bangor University in the UK points to studies, which show that adding a little cologne or perfume makes you feel more attractive. The International Journal of Cosmetic Science agrees.

They cite research which shows splashing on a little perfume or cologne gives you a psychological boost of well-being. The same thing happens when you groom yourself in any way, or wash off the stress and grime after a hard day’s work.

Watch Your Posture

Stand and sit up straight. Pull your shoulders back, your chin up and don’t slouch. An Italian study shows that good posture boosts your self-confidence, and does so nearly instantly. Try striking a power pose with your hands on your hips and legs apart, slightly wider than your shoulders, and you can’t help but feel good about yourself.

The 3 Warrior poses in yoga also empower you and make you feel good about your body.

Workout/Exercise Regularly

When you exercise, “feel happy” endorphins and other energizing hormones are released. This makes you feel good about your body, your mind and everything going on in your life. This is a simple way to develop a positive self-image, with the wonderful side-effect of burning off some excess weight and making your body stronger and healthier.

Get a Massage

The journal Body Image reports that getting a massage can make you feel better about your body. So does simply being touched by anyone. The mind assumes that since someone is touching you, they must be happy with your body. Once again, endorphins are released when someone touches your skin or embraces you, which is why you feel so good when you get a hug.

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  1. Get a massage is my #1 “metime” and feel-good perk. I think doing something nice for yourself can also include setting aside Do Not Disturb time to read and indulge in some adult coloring too!

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