Easy Halloween Haunted House Ideas

Halloween Haunted House Ideas - Haunted house theme ideas and decorations for Halloween

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Kids love a Halloween Party and creating a haunted house is great way to entertain the guests. So we got creative and came up with many ideas. Here are some of the best, most scary and most entertaining Halloween haunted house ideas.

Easy Haunted House Ideas

The first thing is deciding on a theme. These ideas will help to make the choice of decorations and costumes much simpler. Some of the best themes are:

  • Prison: A simple thing to do is turning the doors (and rooms) of your hallway into prison cells. This can be very effective by adding fake bars to the doors (use wooden rods or household objects) to give the bars a realistic effect. You can then paint them the right color.
  • Hospital: Turn one of the rooms into an operating room. You can use plastic sheets and white sheets to bring this concept to life. You can also dress up as a nurse or doctor, and smear blood on your hands and costume.
  • Graveyard: This is an old concept, but one of the best for Halloween. Create a tombstone from cardboard boxes or wood. You can turn your garden into a graveyard, and make your front door look like an old rusty gate.
  • Mad Scientist’s Lab: All you need here is a long, white lab coat. Splash it with fake blood and use old utensils and tools (put them in your top pocket). You can also fill glass jars with weird insects or liquids.
  • Morgue: Create a number of coffins from cardboard boxes, and add mannequins, or create human heads using old pillows and masks. This can look very authentic. You can also use skulls, which can be left around the room. If you use red velvet in the coffin, you only need to create the head, as the rest can be underneath a towel or rug.
  • Circus: There are tons of options here. You can turn yourself into a mad juggler, a magician, a witch and so on. You can also use the theme of an old 19th century freak show, and get very creative.
  • Maze: If you have a large house, with many rooms, this is a really good theme to use. You can create a maze throughout the house, and make everything dark, which makes it easier for people to get lost. You can then make places to hide, so that you can jump out and scare people.

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Haunted House Decorating Ideas

  • Cobwebs: This is an easy one to add to any haunted house. Just add them to the corners of the rooms, or make them hang from a door.
  • Jack-O-Lanterns: Kids will love creating Jack-O-lanterns, so get them to help out. Put led lights in Jack-O-Lanterns for a spooky glow and place them in the room, on the front porch or in the windows.
  • Bloody Bathtub:Scare party guest who go into the bathroom by putting a fake body into your bathtub splattered with fake blood.
  • Rotten Walls: Paint large sheets of cardboard with peeling paint or stained cement to make them look like rotten walls.

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Haunted House Decorations

There are some great haunted house decorations you can online or in a store, that will transform a room or garden in a flash. Think of decorations like a fog machine for your graveyard, Halloween lights in various shapes and props like skeletons.

Use these ideas to inspire you and create a scary haunted house!

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  1. I know it’s still summer, but I can’t wait for Halloween. These haunted house ideas are great! I love the idea of making a mad scientist lab or a maze. Just wish I had a bigger house for it!

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