Scarlett O’Hara Costumes

Scarlett O’Hara speaks to the imagination of girls and women everywhere. This Halloween why not dress up as the feisty Southern Belle and command the attention of every person in the room.

We have found a few gorgeous Scarlett O’Hara Costumes, which we’ll show you below:


Gone with the Wind Womens Scarlet O' Hara Twelve Oaks Dress

Scarlett wore this dress to the Twelve oaks barbecue in the opening scenes of the movie while uttering the immortal words:

Why does a girl have to be so silly to catch a husband?

This Scarlett O’Hara Twelve Oaks Gown is full skirted with a soft green pattern on the white fabric, has an emerald green sash and a pretty ruffled neckline. Very Southern Bell indeed!

Scarlet O' Hara Costumes

In the movie Scarlett made this dress out of velvet curtains, because she had no money. There’s no need for you to whip out your sewing machine though!

This Scarlett O’Hara Portieres costume features a green dress with a hoop skirt, a yellow cord belt and green hat with feather.

What do you think of these 2 Scarlet O’Hara costumes and what will you be wearing for Halloween this year?


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