Top 7 Sexy Plus Size Gypsy Costumes

Dressing up as a gypsy is a great way to show off and accentuate your assets in the most flattering way. Most gypsy costumes have a corset or bustier-like off shoulder top that flatters the waist and the shoulders. The skirt is usually long and flow-y with a thigh high slit.

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And then there’s the jewelry accents (usually coin belts and hoop earrings) that make you sparkle.

These costumes do not come with boots, but what woman does not have a pair of knee high boots laying around? Alternatively, have a look at these beauties! Don’t they fit the look perfectly?

I have found 7 fabulously sexy plus size gypsy costumes. Hope you like them as much as I do!

Women’s Plus Size Renaissance Gypsy Costume

Womens Plus Size Renaissance Gypsy Costume | Sexy Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women #halloweencostumesHalloweenCostumes

If you want to be a gypsy, you’ve got to look the part and this costume certainly achieves that! This plus size gypsy costume is an eye-catcher with its colorful skirt, lace-up corset, and coins that jingle when you move.

The matching headband also has coins attached to it and complements to costume perfectly!

Women’s Plus Size Gypsy Costume

Dreamgirl Women's Gypsy Plus Size, Multi, 3X


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This plus size gypsy costume features a peasant-style dress with velvet lace-up bodice, gold trim, multi-tiered handkerchief skirt with paisley print, and gold coin detailing. Includes matching headwrap with gold coin trim.

Plus Size Traveling Gypsy Costume

plus size traveling gypsy costume


This plus size gypsy costume consists of a peasant dress with a red headscarf. The dress has a high slit and is decorated with gold trims and coins. It has a zipper on the side for easy in and out.

I love the colors red and purple in this costume. It doesn’t clash, it just works!

Some customers mentioned the slit being a bit too high. This is easily remedied by sewing it close a bit or by wearing pantyhose or legging underneath.

All in all this is a great quality costume with a lot of happy wearers.

Plus Size Gypsy Costume with Short Skirt

plus size gypsy costume short skirt - Sexy Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women


This is the only plus size gypsy costume I could find with a short skirt. And I like it a lot! The costume features a beautiful red dress with shimmery gold accents and coin trimmings (they actually jingle!), a wrap with fringe, and a matching headscarf.

Plus Size Gypsy Maiden Costume

Plus Size Gypsy Maiden Costume | Sexy Plus Size Halloween Costumes For Women


Another fabulous plus size gypsy costume! I love the skirt and sash on this costume. This is the only costume that has those coin trimmings on the headscarf.

This is a 5 piece costume that includes a peasant top and skirt, a sash, a headscarf, and bangles.

I love how the model in the picture wears gold evening sandals instead of boots. It’s just the right touch of glamour!

One customer mentioned that the bangles were made of a plastic-like material and the color did not match the outfit. This customer bought her own bangles and I suggest you do the same.

Have a look at these pretties for example.

Plus Size Fortune Teller Costume

Plus Size Fortune Teller Costume


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This gypsy costume has a more colorful skirt with a pretty peasant blouse with lace trimmings. It comes with a sequined waist sash, a sequined bandana, a belt and 6 fortune teller cards.

What you need to add yourself is a pair of boots and some jewelry.

And perhaps a crystal ball.

Plus Size Gypsy Costume

Sexy Plus Size Gypsy Costume | Sexy Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women #halloweencostumes


Last but not least this costume consisting of a dress with a beautiful blue vest with (again) coin trimmings (love those!). It also includes a belt and a scarf bandana.

Complete the Gypsy Look

Most of these sexy plus size gypsy costumes are very much complete. They just need a touch of jewelry, pantyhose, and some boots. I did find some great accessories to complete the looks, which you’ll find below. Enjoy!


I hope you liked these Sexy Plus Size Gypsy Costumes! Maybe you will like these sexy plus size pirate costumes too.

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