Fun Halloween Alternatives To Trick Or Treating

trick or treat alternativesWhile trick-or-treating is fun for kids, as a parent you can be quite concerned about the safety and health of your kids. Luckily, we have a few fun alternatives to trick or treating your kids will love just as much and won’t cost the earth.

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Build a campfire

If you have a decent sized backyard you can build a campfire, roast hotdogs and marshmallows, sing songs and tell each other spooky stories. Make sure your take the necessary safety precautions like having water handy.

Host Your Own Halloween Party

Why not host a Halloween party for all of the neighborhood children? This can be a lot of fun for you to plan and decorate for. It is also a very safe option for younger children. Instead of going house to house to trick or treat you should have your children go from room to room to knock on the door to receive candy. Younger kids will not know the difference and it will keep them safe!

A lot of older children are very likely to get bored with this. So make sure to have plenty of activities for them to enjoy as well. Be sure to invite all of their friends to your Halloween party and hand out plenty of treats.

Halloween activities that kids will love on their own Halloween party include:

  • Halloween Costume Contest
  • Bobbing for apples
  • Face painting
  • Pin the Tail on the devil
  • Halloween decorating contest where the whole neighborhood can participate. Let the kids vote for the best decorated house.

Nursing Home Trick-or-treating

Most residents at the nursing homes don’t get so many visitors, so they will welcome your kids visiting and handing out candy to them. Make sure you ring the nursing home in advance to discuss your plans.

Family Fun Night

You can forgo the typical Halloween all together if you would like. The best way to do this is to plan a fun scary movie night that the whole family will enjoy. Another option is to create a feast of fun scary foods that you and your children will enjoy eating.

Local Halloween Events

Of course there are always fall events planned by your community and your churches. These events will have safe alternatives to trick or treating that usually require no money or effort on your part.

Go Trunk-or-Treating

Trunk or Treating is a great idea for communities were people just live to far apart for the kids to go door to door. But it also is an idea that stops your kids from talking to strangers.

Trunk or treating is a great idea and super fun and easy for the community to do. Instead of walking around from house to house they will be walking around from car-trunk to car-trunk asking for candy from people who you know are safe.

Candy Alternatives

If your concerned about the candy flowing freely on Halloween night you might choose to give your child something else instead. Some families make the Halloween food themselves or give their kids money or presents instead.

Enjoy these trick or treat alternatives for Halloween and remember: Whatever you decide upon, make sure you have a camera ready to capture these precious moments!

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