Important Birthday Milestones Worth Celebrating

important birthday milestones

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Your birthday is an important and fun day to celebrate. There are dozens of ways to make a birthday a festive occasion and turned into a terrific day for everyone involved.

However, there are some very important birthday milestones that are more significant and more celebrated than others. We have listed a few of them:

16th Birthday Milestone

When you are in high school one of the most important birthdays, is when you reach your sweet 16. In most of the states of the United States, this is also the age when a young person can apply for, and receive their driver’s license. You can have the freedom to finally drive a car without your parents coming along!

One traditional celebration is for high school students to take an excursion trip during their summer break or during the Spring or Winter break, if their birthday falls within the school year.

Many parents will buy their 16 year old a car, which of course in the eyes of the 16 year old, is the perfect birthday gift.

18th Birthday Milestone

This is the age of freedom, because now a person will have graduated from high school, and are ready to leave home and go out into the world.

College may be in the offing, signing up for military service, or getting a full time job are now legitimate pursuits, depending upon a person’s objectives.

In many cases, this is a time that many people leave their parent’s home and strike out on their own.

21st Birthday Milestone

At 21 you are allowed to legally buy and drink alcohol. A lot of people who turn 21 will celebrate this birthday in a bar and try to get free drinks. Even people who don’t drink alcohol will go to bars on this for the simple reason that they are now allowed to get in to one.

This does not mean you have to join the herd. Celebrate your 21st birthday the way you want to. It only comes around once 😉

30th Birthday Milestone

Some people are not all that impressed with their 30th birthday, as they may feel that they are “over the hump”, and they might have a small bout of depression, as they feel they are getting older.

For many, however it is a sign of progress, perhaps a new job, a promotion or children who are growing up that provides happiness and a feeling of accomplishment.

50th Birthday Milestone

Although, this is half a century, it should be celebrated as a time when you have accomplished a lot of things. Your children may be married, and you might even have grand children by now.

You may have reached a good position with your job, and your family has matured with should give you great satisfaction. Celebrate this milestone with excitement and make it be a good time with friends.

75th Birthday Milestone

At this point you might be pointing out those of your high school classmates didn’t make it this far. You are probably looking back to the good years that you have come through. This is the time to count your blessings, and be grateful for what you have.

These are some of the major points in a person’s life when birthdays are special, but so are all of the others in between. Take stock of where you are in life and be thankful of the good things that have happened and forget all the bad experiences.




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