Outdoor Party Ideas for Kids

Outdoor Party Ideas for Kids

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It is always fun to have an outdoor kid’s party when the weather permits. It gives the kids more space to play while keeping them from making a mess in the house. Here are 5 Outdoor Party Ideas for Kids that can be enjoyed all Summer

Outdoor Party Idea #1: Pool Party

This is a great one if you have a pool in your home. If you don’t, you can always go for a sprinkler/slip & slide party. You can even rent a pool for this party. This would even be a better arrangement, because you get lifeguards with the package.

If the idea is off your budget range, you can plan to have a great wet and fun party. Water relay races, water balloons and water guns like Nerf will help make the event memorable for your kids.

Pool Party food Idea: hamburgers and/or hot dogs of course. Use meatless hamburgers for vegan/vegetarian kids,

Outdoor Party Idea #2: Beach Party

You can bring the beach to your backyard with a sandbox, some sand toys and a sand castle building competition. This will provide great excitement to the kids. Beach balls will help add more fun to the event.

Serve ice cream cones and fruit kabobs as party food. Decorate cupcakes with blue icing and a cocktail umbrella and serve those instead of a birthday cake.

Outdoor Party Idea #3: Garden Party

Let all your guests plant some seeds in a cup, and bring when they come for the party. These can be used for own garden. Make some dirt with Oreo cookie crumbs, chocolate pudding and cool whip. Make some gummy worms to have more effect. Make butterfly wings in order to dance in the garden like a real butterfly. This will offer great fun to the kids.

Organize a garden scavenger hunt: Divide the kids into 2 teams and supply them with a bag, a spoon and a list of things they should find. Set the time and the team who has found all the items the quickest is the winner.

Outdoor Party Idea #4: Nerf Party

Are you having Nerf guns in your home? If not, you can always ask your guests to bring their Nerf guns when coming to the party. Have a blast running round the backyard while shooting dart at each other. Even better, set up an obstacle course and have your guests run through it shooting at various targets.

Outdoor Party Idea #5: Kite Party

Invite your guests to come for the party with their favorite kites. If not, you can provide each of them with a kite, and let them fly the kite. It is best performed in an open field where there are not a lot of trees. Flying Kite is best done on a windy day, which may be hard to predict beforehand.

See who is able to get the kite to the highest point in the sky. This way your kids will have a lot of fun.

You can have diamond shaped food items in bright colors for the party. Graham crackers that are decorated like kites will make a real fun treat for your party guests.

What if your kid’s birthday doesn’t fall during the warmer months? Don’t worry, you can make it a back-to-school bash instead of a birthday party.

What are your favorite outdoor party ideas?


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