Trick Or Treat Safety Tips For Kids

Costumes, trick-or-treating, and makeup are all part of what makes Halloween so exciting for children. As exciting as this day is, safety measures also need to be taken. Nightfall is when trick-or-treating occurs, so it’s important to know how your kids can enjoy doing it while staying safe.halloween safety tips for kids

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Shine Brightly

It is important for your child to be visible in the dark. The best way to do so is to put reflective strips on his or her costume. These strips are available in all shapes and colors, so your child doesn’t have to worry about it not matching their Halloween costume. Purchase them at a fabric store or costume store.

Flashlights should be carried on your child’s trick-or-treat adventure. If they will be going out in the dark, it will be hard for them to see where they are going if they do not have a flashlight.

Also, it may not be a bad idea to put identification tags somewhere on your child. This way, if they were to get lost, it would be easy for someone to return them to you.

Be Careful With Masks

Many children like to wear a mask to go with their costume. But, when the mask is not the right size or not put on property, problems can occur. You will see that the size of most masks are “one size fits all”.

The problem is that one size does not actually fit all. Tight masks could cause choking or lack of oxygen while loose masks may hand around your child’s face. To be sure you’re getting the right mask for your child, let him or her try it on in the store.

Don’t Let Your Child Be A Fire Hazard

Any wig or costume you purchase for your child ought to be non flammable. It does not take much for a wig or costume to go on fire, which can hurt or even kill your child.

Wigs and costumes that are nonflammable ensure that fire would not spread and harm your child.

Use Hypoallergenic Makeup

Any makeup you let your child wear as part of their costume should be hypoallergenic. Children tend to have sensitive skin and by letting them wear makeup, you could be exposing them to hives, rashes or another allergic reaction.

It’s best to test the makeup out on their skin before putting it on them. A couple of days before Halloween, put a little of the makeup on your child’s wrist. If you do not see a reaction shortly thereafter, the makeup is probably safe to use.

Know Where They’re Going

Know the trick-or treat route your kids are taking and make sure they check in regularly. Let the kids come back home for short breaks or make sure they can be contacted by phone. Make sure they stay on the sidewalks.

Alternatively, go with them and enjoy the exercise and social interaction with the neighborhood!

Check The Halloween Candy

You always teach your kids not to take candy from strangers , so the same caution should be taken at Halloween. Make sure your kids do not to eat the candy they collect before they get back home, so that can you properly examine it first.

Throw away any candy that’s no in it’s original wrapper or has been opened!

Tricking-or-treating and Halloween should be an enjoyable time for your children. As long as safety measures are taken, there is no reason why it cannot be fun. Flashlights and reflective strips are some of the many ways your child can stay safe as they collect candy door-to-door.

Do not forget that parental supervision is key to keeping your child safe on Halloween, so it is of the utmost importance that you do your part. Need some fun trick or treat alternatives?

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