Best Animated Halloween Decorations

Halloween will even be scarier this year with these animated Halloween decorations! We found a lot of new Halloween animatronics that is sure to creep out the neighbors and any trick or treaters knocking on your front door!

Animated Halloween Decorations - Halloween Animatronics

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3.8 Ft Mommy’s Favorite Animatronic

3.8 Ft Mommy's Favorite Animatronic

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This Mommy’s Favorite animatronic say’s creepy things like: “Shhh! You don’t want to wake up my mother. She’s been sleeping for a long time.”
“Shhh! Can you keep a secret? Shhh!”. It comes with volume control and is great for greeting guests on a covered porch.

Sitting Scarecrow Animated Prop

Sitting Scarecrow Animated Prop

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Fill this animated scarecrow’s bowl with candy and watch if any trick or treaters dare to put their hands into it! Be sure to use ear plugs to protect against the screams!

Brown Jumping Animated Spider

Brown Jumping Animated Spider - Animated Halloween DecorationsBrown Jumping Animated Spider - Animated Halloween Decorations

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Spiders are gross, scary and work very well in Halloween decor. Take it op a notch this year with this animated, jumping creepster!

It’s jumping motion is activated by sound or motion, so this is perfect for a haunted house.

Evil Clown Animatronic Ferris Wheel

Evil Clown Animated Ferris Wheel

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This animated Ferris wheel measures 6 feet tall and comes with 5 gondolas carrying 5 scary, creepy clowns. It spins around and plays haunting music, that can be toned down thanks to the volume controller.

It’s a pretty large animated Halloween prop, so make sure you have the space for this one!

Striking Snake Animated Halloween Prop

Striking Snake Animated Halloween Prop

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This realistic 15-inch-tall snake prop looks & sounds just like a rattlesnake as it strikes its prey, making hissing sounds, red eyes glowing and shaking its tail to intimidate your guests.

It’s battery-operated & motion-activated, and will frighten your guests when they least expect it.

Creepy Pumpkin Carver Halloween Animatronic

Scary Pumpkin Carver Girl with Knife and Lighted Pumpkin

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This not-so innocent little girl is about to carve this pumpkin a new face. Well, we can only hope she’s aiming for the pumpkin….!

Creepy Pumpkin Carver

Crawling Zombie Halloween Prop

Crawling Human Zombie Torso Prop
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This animated Halloween prop truly looks gruesome and is not for the faint at heart!

The zombie crawls forward, moans like a tortured soul while his eyes light up red.

It has a motion activated sensor that reacts when someone comes within a distance of 3 feet.

This sure makes a great decor piece for a Halloween graveyard, Zombie cemetery or a very scary haunted house.

Animated Scary Clown Prop

Scary Clown Animated Halloween Prop | Outdoor Animated Halloween Decor

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Is there anything scarier than a clown? This one sure is creepy!

The clown holds a knife and a red balloon, moves around with his eyes lit up and makes horrifying shrieking sounds.

This animated Halloween prop is suitable for outdoors, so make sure he does not scare away the dog!

Animated Possessed Doll

Animated Possessed Doll Halloween Decor

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This creepy Halloween decoration looks like a possessed doll with a cracked face. She wears a gray dress and holds a stuffed bunny.
When turned on, the dolly’s eyes light up red as she says “My dolly wasn’t nice to me; Are you going to be nice to me?” as she rips the bunny’s head off.

If you like bunnies, this Halloween prop is not for you.

Rocking Moldy Mommy

Rocking Moldy Mommy with Mummified Baby Halloween Animated Decor

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This rocking moldy holding a mummified baby is perfect for Halloween porch decor! When activated mommy starts rocking back and forth while talking in a creepy voice.

There are 3 sayings that she says in a super creepy voice and it really freaks out people!

Animated Rocking Horse Girl

Animated Rocking Horse Girl Halloween Prop

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This creepy girlie rides a rocking horse with a decapitated horse head.

The little “sweetheart” also talks and sings with a creepy version of “ring around Rosie” while her eyes light up.

Perfect if you want to create your own haunted play room. We somehow doubt kids want to play there though!

Animated Haunted Toy Box

Animated Haunted Toy Box that opens and talks

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Speaking of haunted play rooms: Check out this Animated Haunted Toy Box!

It holds an evil clown, a creepy doll and a stitched up teddy bear. The toy box comes with a sensor that makes the toys pop up and say “sweet” things like “Would you like to come with us?”

Obviously not suitable for a child’s play room.

Boogeyman Animated Decor

7 Feet Boogey Man With Kid Animated Halloween Prop

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This 7 feet (gulp!) boogeyman skeleton holds a child that screams while he laughs eerily, lights up his eyes and turns his head and torso from side to side.

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