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10 Best Cat Beds For Your Feline Friend

Is there a more Zen picture than watching a sleeping cat? Cats can sleep anytime anywhere and spend most of the day, night and time in between sleeping.

To make your cats sleepy time even better, we’ve put together a list of the best cat beds currently available which will make your kitty purrfectly happy!

Best Heated Cat Bed

==>> Bestseller over 1,800 reviews and counting: This heated cat bed will be nice and warm in about 20 minutes. Just plug it in and you’re good to go!

This cat bed has a diameter of 16 inches with 6 inch high walls. The cover can be removed for washing and cleaning.

One of the best cat beds around, it’s not only a bestseller, but also an Amazon’s choice!

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed
Super comfy heated cat bed for indoor use. The cover can be removed and is machine washable.
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Hooded Cat Bed

Cats love sitting perched high on their throne overlooking their kingdom. This ball shaped hooded cat bed is made from non-toxic materials and comes with a comfy cushion.

Ball Shaped Hooded Cat Bed

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Grey Shark Cat Bed

Despite the big scary looking mouth, this shark cat bed makes a great secure cat cave for your best friend.

A perfect place for kitty to curl up and nap. Available in 3 sizes, also suitable for dogs.


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Cat Bunk Bed with Playroom

Multi-functional cat bed made of quality wood for years of napping and playing. Comes with a comfy quilted pad and two toys.

Assembling is easy and can be done without tools.

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Leopard Kitty Cat Bed

This bed comes in two sizes and has an ultra soft padding which is extremely comfortable. The cat bed has a non slip bottom and a washable cover.



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Napper Cat Den

A comfortable cat cave in a stylish design with a machine washable pillow inside for extra hygiene.

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Cat Tree

A deluxe cat hammock which also functions as scratch pole.

The scratching pole is wrapped in sisal with a dangling pom pom for playing.

Trixie Baza Cat Tree with dangling pompom

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Soft Cat Bed

A soft and comfortable cat bed which also suits a small or medium sized dog. This bed is machine washable and available in brown and blue.

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Deluxe Hooded Heated Cat Bed

A totally comfortable heated cat bed. The 4 watt thermostat heats the surface of the bed to 10-15 degrees. The hood of the bed can be removed and the design will effortlessly fit into your interior. Easy wash and care. Your kitty will be the happiest purring machine on the planet.

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Pod Cat Bed

A stylish cozy cat cave with a comfortable padded liner and up off the floor views for kitty. Cats love lying and lazing around in this pod, while feeling safe and comfy.

This cat bed has a modern design which will look great in any interior.


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