How To Make Fitness Fun For Kids

With so much modern technology available today, more and more time is being spent plugged in on the couch. This results in kids being inactive and even overweight. It’s more important than ever before to make fitness fun for kids.

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Children learn by example. They learn from their parents whether or not to lead an active lifestyle and lead a life of cardiovascular health. Here are some easy ways to make fitness fun for kids.

make fitness fun

Play Games with Your Kids

Get your kids together and play games in the backyard. There are many fun games that involve physical activity such as:

  • Play croquet or how about a bean bag toss. It’s fun to do these while the barbecue is heating up and you’re waiting. Even bocce ball is an exciting adventure.
  • Running games are fun for kids. Whether there are only a few or the entire neighborhood is over this is a great way to get some energy out and stay healthy. Think of the old fashioned games like red rover, tag, spider, freeze tag or even the ever famous “kick the can”.
  • Make your neighborhood THE hangout by installing a basketball hoop by the garage or get a freestanding hoop.
  • Younger kids will enjoy hopscotch or jump rope, even riding bikes, big wheels or playing with a hula hoop can be fun and exciting.
  • Pogo sticks are great fun for the younger crowd and even some teens will enjoy getting on them.
  • Stilts are great fun as well as scooters or skateboarding. Imagine burning 800 calories each hour simply by going roller skating with your kids.
  • Four square, baseball and other games such as pig or horse can provide hours of entertainment and exciting activities.
  • Ball games such as baseball or football even volley ball can be played for hours. Tether-ball or bocce ball also count as a workout

Other ways to make fitness fun:

Summer Time Fun

make fitness fun for kids

  • Go for a swim in the summer or get your kids swimming lessons. Join a swim team or go hang out at the local pool or lake. Swimming is an ideal way to cool off and get some great exercise. Water games such as Marco Polo or splash-your-sibling until he or she chases you are all great forms of exercise and fun.
  • Bike rides are ideal for the entire family. Explore the neighborhood and exercise all at the same time. It’s fun to be able to get around on a bike for kids, It’s also a great way to teach kids about greener forms of transportation.

Winter Time Fun

how to make fitness fun for kids

There are also many fun ways to enjoy a winter season and get some exercise. It can be fun and exciting even in the winter.

  • Join a local gym, check in with after school projects.
  • Consider track and field at an indoor facility, indoor basketball or swimming are also fun.
  • Dance classes, fencing, Zumba or even aerobics can be fun and exciting.
  • Don’t forget about martial arts as they can be ideal for toning the body and physical activity.
  • Outdoors kids can enjoy a snowball fight, building a snow man or snow fort, sledding, tobogganing or even snowboarding or cross country skiing. Snow shoeing is an ideal way to move from one location to another.

No matter whether it’s rain or snow, sun or clouds, there are many great activities you and your kids can enjoy all year long. You van make fitness fun and exciting. Try some of these activities today and get up and get moving. It’s fun.

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  1. For my kids, we always try to play ball during weekends. So a fun-filled game of baseball would be very much how we spend our weekends together. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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