Tips to Make Chores Fun for Kids

Think back to when you were a child. Did you enjoy doing your chores?

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Probably not. And when you did, it was because your parents made them fun.

You actually looked forward to cleaning up your room, putting away your toys and helping out with the laundry. Take the following steps to make chores fun for your kids, and it won’t feel like pulling teeth the next time you have to clean up around the house.

make chores fun

Use a reward system!

Your kid gets stickers at school when he does well, why not at home? Give your children the same number of weekly chores each.

Post a “Top Household Helper” board and reward your child with a sticker every time a chore is accomplished. Reward the best household helper at the end of the week with an appropriate incentive.

Throw a scavenger hunt

Instead of telling your child you need help cleaning the entire house, why not have a scavenger hunt? If books, newspapers, clothes and toys need to be picked up, put them on a scavenger list.

The winner is the child that finds the most items and returns them to their proper place.

Have a contest

After breakfast, lunch or dinner, set a timer on 5 or 10 minutes. Tell your children that they have to clean up as quickly as possible before the time expires.

This makes doing the dishes or cleaning off the table after a meal more like a game than a chore.

Take your child shopping

Buy an inexpensive bucket and customize it with your child’s name. Then allow him to help you choose his own sponge, paper towel roll, dust rag and other cleaning items.

This personalizes the experience of cleaning, and your child will enjoy his sense of ownership.

Offer an allowance … in some cases

Many pediatricians and other child experts believe that payment in return for chores should only take place once your child is a teenager.

But if that is the case, you can instill great workplace habits by rewarding your child’s chore completion financially.

Use the clutter to hide rewards

You know that loose change in your pocket or purse at the end of the day? Hide it under toys, clothes, books and anything else that you need cleaned up and organized.

You can also use healthy snacks and stickers to incentivize performing household chores.

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