The Ultimate Summer Bucket List! 68 Fun Activities to Have the Best Beach Season Ever

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, and there’s no better way to have your best beach season ever than by making a summer bucket list! Summer has been known to be one of the best times of year for families with many activities available that everyone can enjoy. We’ve compiled some ideas on what you should check off your list this summer if you want to make it the most memorable yet!

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Summer Bucket List

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Our Summer bucket list has activities for every type of person, so no one will be left out. There are family-friendly events, outdoor adventures, and indoor fun too!

Pick Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the first fruits to be harvested in the summer, which means they are a seasonal gem!

Enjoy picking strawberries at one of the many berry farms across America. Here’s an idea: Buy some berries to make a strawberry shortcake from scratch and enjoy it on your porch with family or friends before going out for ice cream later that day!

Make Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream is the best and very easy to make. All you need is a blender and ice cream maker!

Visit an Aquarium

Our Summer Bucket list also includes going to the aquarium on your day off or during one of those rainy days we have in June and July.

Family Night

When it’s raining outside, stay home with some hot chocolate, put on Netflix, and watch cartoons for hours while building legos together as a family!

Watch Fireworks

Watch the 4th of July fireworks show and have a picnic on the beach with your friends!

Go Camping

Gather up some of your favorite people and go camping for a week. Share stories around the campfire, roast marshmallows on sticks over the fire – it’s all good fun in our Summer Bucket list!

Visit New Places

For those who love to travel, visit new places this summer that you have never been before or revisit an old place you haven’t seen since high school. There are so many options out there: drive along Highway One through California all the way to Oregon; take Amtrak from NYC to Boston… the possibilities are endless!

Exercise Outdoors

Get your exercise outside this summer! Go for a hike, enjoy the outdoors on bicycles or skateboards and do yoga in the park or on the beach!

Go to the Beach

No Summer bucket list would be complete without trips to the beach. Enjoy water sports like boogie boarding and surfing as well as enjoying time with friends at day parties that take place all over town. Grab some ice cream too~ it’s delicious!

Learn Something New

Check out educational programs offered by museums near you, libraries, and schools – no matter what age group you are there is something new to learn about this summer. Take an art class together or go see live music performances; children will love learning how to make foam swords while adults can research their family tree at home using free online resources such as

Go Swimming

Swimming is one of the most fun summer activities and it’s free!

– Swim laps in the pool, take a dip at the beach, or go for an evening swim under the stars.

– Find out if your city offers free outdoor swimming pools that open during certain summer months. If not, you can always buy inexpensive passes to public indoor facilities such as YMCAs and community centers.

Watch Fireflies

Watching fireflies is a great way to spend an evening in the summer! It’s fun for the whole family. You can find them on dark nights near freshwater, so grab your flashlight and head out into nature with some friends or family members!

Watch the Sunset

Summer Bucket List - Watch the Sunset

Try a New Food

Are there any foods you haven’t tried yet this year?

– Check out a new restaurant in your neighborhood or ask around for recommendations. It’s always fun to try something new!

– Ask your friends and family members what their favorite foods are, so you can learn about different cultures.

Ride a Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheels are such a fun activity to do with friends or family! Make sure you take your camera because the views are phenomenal.

– Pack some snacks and drinks, so you can enjoy them while riding. You might want to bring an extra pair of clothes too in case it gets chilly up there!

Visit Local Farmers Markets

– Farmers’ markets always have a wide variety of food, so you can buy vegetables and fruits that might not be available at your grocery store. They also offer plenty of fresh produce like flowers!

– If you visit in the morning, then there will likely be baked goods or breakfast options as well. You could even try some new recipes while learning about different cooking techniques!

Take a Road Trip

Get in your car and take a drive! There are plenty of scenic routes that you can take with your friends or family.

– Take note of all the different landmarks and natural beauty, as well as any interesting stories about the history or culture associated with them. You’ll never forget this summer road trip!

Attend a Parade

Grow an Herb Garden

Growing your own herbs is a great summer activity that will make your kitchen even more amazing. Growing an herb garden is not hard at all, and it can be done anywhere with sun – on the patio, in containers or raised beds.

Plant Trees

Plant some trees this summer! Not only does planting trees benefit the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the air (which helps slow down global warming), but they also provide shelter for other animals and help cool off neighborhoods during hot months of July and August.

Have a Picnic

Head to the park or the beach and get your picnic on. Take a blanket, pack some snacks or sandwiches to make it even more fun!

*Packing for the perfect beach day? Check out our tips below.

– Pack a cooler with juice boxes, water bottles, grapes (or other fruits), cheese sticks, and granola bars. Keep in mind that you’ll need to put ice packs into the freezer at least 24 hours before packing up everything else so they’re ready when you are.

– Bring sunscreen & hats to protect from harsh UV rays! Use sunblock with SPF 30 if possible but be mindful of sensitive skin types who might react negatively: Always do an allergy test beforehand. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Take a bottle of Champagne up in a Hot Air Balloon, and watch the sunrise over your favorite landscape.

Drive off Road in an ATV

This is so much fun – it’s like driving through sand dunes or up rocky hillsides! All four wheels are still touching the ground but it feels as if they aren’t because it bounces up when going downhill…

It takes some getting used to at first but once you do, this will become your new favorite thing.

Sleep in a Hammock

Do you have a hammock at your house? If not, it’s time to get one. A hammock is the perfect place to either nap or read a book on those hot summer days. You can also hang them by the pool for an afternoon siesta!

Go Kayaking

Some people might think kayaking is only for the summer, but you can do it year-round. f you’re feeling adventurous, rent yourself a kayak to find hidden treasures along the shoreline – but don’t forget life jackets!

Play In The Sand At A Park Or Beach

Lots of parks like Silverwood’s Nature Center have sandpits where children can play all day long without getting too dirty. Parks also often provide plenty of shade under trees – perfect when those sun rays are out in full force.

Go Boating

Load up your family and friends on a boat, take out the fishing poles for some fun catching dinner later that night, or just enjoy the breeze under an umbrella while sipping lemonade with ice cubes from your cooler.

Go Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family. You can find local vineyards in most states, so you could be tasting wine right near home or on the other side of the country.

Host a Themed Dinner Party

Cooking for someone is always a kind gesture – especially when they’re expecting it! Hosting themed dinner parties like “Dive Into Summer” or “Italian Night” will make it fun for everyone involved.

The only downside? Chopping vegetables might not sound as nice after hours spent at work all week… So involve the family and let everyone help out!

Have a Barbecue

What better way to spend a Summer Saturday afternoon than with family and friends eating hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni salad or veggie burgers?

If you’re hosting the barbecue for more than just your immediate family – make sure everyone is on board with what’s being served!

Host a Pot Luck

This is one of the easiest summer party ideas! Invite everyone over, provide a central dish like sandwiches or pasta salad and ask guests to bring their favorite side dish.

Afterward, you can all sit back and enjoy each other’s company – what better way to spend an evening in Summer?

Host a Pool Party

A pool party might be more difficult for some families than others but it’ll certainly make your kids happy!

Just get a few friends together and decide on food options beforehand; pizza works well because it’s easy to share.

If you’re hosting at home, lay out an old sheet in the yard as extra protection from bugs (and spills) so people don’t slip inside when they go outside for snacks later.

Do a Digital Detox

As the days get longer, it’s important to take some time out of your day.

A digital detox is a great way to do this and can be as simple as turning off all screens for an hour in the evening when you’re winding down from work or school.

Your brain will thank you!

Have a Water Balloon Fight

It’s fun, it’s messy and everyone can take part!

Host a Bonfire

Summer bonfires, anyone?

To host a bonfire, you’ll need to collect wood and set it up in the center of your yard. Then make sure there are fire starters, such as newspapers or sticks from the yard.

Finally, light one end with a lighter or matches. Then enjoy!

Make a Summer Playlist

Gather your favorite tunes and make a summer playlist that will keep you and your family entertained all day long.

Go to a Drive-in Movie

Drive-in movie theaters are a blast because you get to watch your favorite movie while munching on snacks and drinking from an old-fashioned soda.

Find your nearest drive-in movie here.

Make S’mores

Nothing says summer like sitting around a bonfire and roasting a marshmallow!

S’mores are super easy to make. All you need is chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows (plus some handy dandy skewers).


Install a zipline in the backyard and enjoy the thrill of going from one tree to another at high speeds.

Shoot some hoops on an outdoor basketball court

There’s nothing better than playing with friends outdoors! And it only gets more fun when shooting for baskets becomes part of the game too! If you want to keep score, make two teams facing each other (or just play individually).

Sleep Under the Stars

Those hot summer nights are perfect for sleeping outside! Pitch a tent, lay out your sleeping bag or bring your air mattress and plan to spend the night beneath the stars.

Go Camping in Your Backyard

We all love camping trips but they can be expensive sometimes so why not camp right in our own backyard? Complete with s’mores roasting over one of those new fire pits that we purchased last year, it’s complete bliss!

Fly a Kite

Back in the day, we used to do this ALL. THE. TIME! It was one of our favorite summer activities because it’s so darn easy and everyone can do it- even kids too young for their own kite!

Collect Shells at the Beach

This is such a fun activity for all ages! Collect shells (or stones, or whatever you find) and use them to create an artful display.

Kids will have a blast doing this!

Make Homemade Pizza

This is the easiest dinner to make- and it’s so much cheaper than going out! We love making pizza with friends too because sometimes, you just need a break from cooking.

Make Root Beer Floats

Root beer floats are the perfect summer drink because they’re both cold and sweet without getting in your teeth or being unhealthy like soda.

How to make root beer floats:

– Fill a tall glass with ice cubes and pour root beer over the top

– Add vanilla ice cream to fill the rest of the way

Family Game Night

Get out the old board games- you don’t need to spend hours on the computer or playing video games!

– Host a game night with some friends. It’s always fun because everyone splits up into teams and competes at Monopoly, Sorry, Scrabble or whatever else is in your closet.

Play Hide & Seek Outside

Summer’s the perfect time for hide and seek outside- it only takes about ten minutes before someone starts cheating by making too much noise.

Build A Sandcastle

Sandcastles are another summertime activity that can be enjoyed just as well without water! Kids love building sandcastles and It keeps them entertained for hours.

Go on a Bike Ride

Looking for a family-friendly way to explore your neighborhood or nearby park? A bike ride is perfect.

Create Your Own Slip And Slide

It’s also not too often that kids get an opportunity to play around in mud puddles with their friends… so give them one! Make it even more exciting by creating your own slip & slide out of cardboard boxes – It will be sure to provide tons of laughs and memories!

Run Through Sprinklers

Nothing more energizing than running through the sprinklers on a hot day!

Fun for young and old!

Create Your Own Mini-Golf Course

If you have room in your backyard, try making your own mini-golf course with some of those old gardening tools. Add obstacles and make it challenging for really competitive players – It’ll be tons of fun to watch them strategize their way around the course while laughing together too.

Watch The Stars

Summer Bucket List - Watch the Stars

Want something more educational? Stargazing is always an excellent option! Grab that telescope out of storage and go outside to check out the stars with your family (or just yourself).

You may even see Saturn or Jupiter—two planets that are very close this time of year.

Go Waterskiing

The water is warm right now and the ski season won’t be long, so if you’ve always wanted to try waterskiing or wakeboarding this would be a perfect time!

There are plenty of places that rent equipment for a very affordable price.

Go Fishing Together

A lot of people don’t know how to fish which can make it seem like an intimidating activity – but with some basic knowledge, anyone could catch their first fish in no time!

It’s also really fun because you get to spend quality time together as a family.

Grab your poles and start tossing ’em out there. You never know what might happen!

Make Sangria

Sangria is a refreshing summer drink that is super easy to make. You can either buy a premade mix or use fresh fruits from the store!

Add some ice and enjoy on your back porch while you watch the sunset this summer.

Make Popsicles

Do you know what’s better than popsicles? Homemade ones of course, because they’re made with love and care (and it tastes so much better).

Plus there are tons of options for different flavors! Some people like to add things like coconut milk, peanut butter or honey – but really it all depends on your preference.

Grow Sunflowers

Those bright yellow beauties are the perfect way to make your garden feel like summer. They’re relatively easy to grow and can also be used in a variety of recipes!

Run a Lemonade Stand

Make an old-fashioned lemonade and offer it for a dollar. You might even want to make some cookies or ice cream sandwiches as well!

Build an Inflatable Pool

Check out the inflatable pool section at Walmart, Target, Babies R Us or other similar stores near you. It will be easy (and relatively inexpensive) to have fun in your backyard this summer!

Play Frisbee

A game of frisbee is a great way to cool off on hot summer days. Get out in the backyard or find a safe spot on the beach or in the park!

Summer Reading List

– Pick up a good book for your summer reading list.

– Read some of your favorite books from when you were younger!

– Make a goal to read one chapter per day and see how many days it takes before you finish the whole thing.

Backyard Camping

Pick up a tent or camping gear and go out into the backyard for some overnight fun.

Go Barefoot in the Grass

What is summer without bare feet? Make sure to take a moment and go experience the feeling of walking on grass with your toes. It’s so much better than asphalt!

Make a Summer Cocktail with an Umbrella

A refreshing Summer Cocktail is a perfect way to cool off. Make one with an umbrella and enjoy!

Hike a New Trail

– Hiking is a great way to explore the outdoors and work up an appetite.

– Find new trails in your area or go on hikes you haven’t done in years!

Visit Your Local Water Park

Water parks are not just for kids – there’s so much fun stuff like slides, lazy rivers, hot tubs and more that grown-ups can enjoy too. It’s time to have some Summer FUN!

Summer Bucket List Wrap up

We hope these summer bucket list ideas and activities for the whole family will provide inspiration to make this season one of your best. It’s time to get outside, explore, be creative – have some fun!

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