Fun Winter Activities For Kids

When the weather is bad or especially cold, kids can get a bit restless staying indoors all day. Here are some ideas to help keep your kids happy and prevent cabin fever this winter:

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winter activities for kids

1. Indoor Winter Activities

There are plenty of things that can be indoors that keep kids busy, learning, and having fun no matter how yucky it gets outside.

Arts and Crafts

The possibilities for arts and crafts projects are endless. You could potentially have a different-themed project for just about every day. Think of your kids’ favorite movies and books for inspiration, check out Pinterest for excellent and innovative ideas, or stick to a winter theme and make lots of snowflakes and holiday crafts to decorate your house.


Most children love music, and you can keep them happy by letting them make their own. Spend a craft day making their own instruments, and then set up a whole band. Play along to your children’s favorite tunes, or let them jam out on their own.

Pretend Time

Whether it’s playing house, doctor, or school, kids love to pretend. Help them use their imaginations by setting up a space to look like a kitchen or school house and playing along.

Indoor Camping

One of the most fun ways to play pretend is to go camping indoors. Whether it’s in a child’s room or the living room, pitch a tent or build a fort. You can add to this experience with some simple crafty additions, such as pretending to go fishing in the bathtub and building a “fire” with cardboard tubes and some colored paper. When it starts to get dark, hand your kids a flashlight and listen to them tell you spooky stories.

Learn to Cook

Getting stuck indoors is a great opportunity to get a little help in the kitchen. Let your kids help you bake a loaf of bread, decorate cookies, or get vegetables ready for soup. This might also be a great way to encourage your kids to eat things they ordinarily wouldn’t.


Whether you are playing board games, hide-and-seek, or making up games of your own, you can pass a lot of time just simply playing games with your kids. You might be surprised how much fun a simple game of “Simon Says” can be.


To pass the time, tire the kids out, and stay healthy, get some indoor exercise. Your kids will love doing fun aerobics videos with you, or trying out some beginner’s yoga. Not to mention the endless fun that simply dancing around the house can bring.

2. Outdoor Winter Activities

When the weather does cooperate, try to get out of the house whenever possible. You and the kids could benefit from a little sunshine and fresh air.

Playing in the Snow

What kid doesn’t love building a snowman or making snow angels? Just a couple hours out playing in the snow will not only provide lots of fun, but there’s almost nothing better for getting out all that pent-up energy.

Helping Out

Whether it is helping out with little chores like shoveling snow from the sidewalk, or taking hot meals and blankets to people who need them the most, get the kids involved. They could learn a lot from a few simple chores, and have fun in the process.

These tips can help fight the winter doldrums and cabin fever from being stuck inside during the winter. You might find that you have more fun as well.

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