Disney Frozen My Size Dolls Review

Disney understands dolls. And like many toy manufacturers, Disney has made standard size dolls for many years. But what could be more exciting for your child than receiving a life-size doll as a present, in the form of her favorite Disney character?

Wouldn’t your child love to have Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel, Elsa and Anna “come to life” in a child size form, dressed in their movie outfits? The new Disney My Size Dolls are offered in a wide variety of characters, providing a much more real and lifelike doll playing experience. Let’s get a closer look.

Disney Frozen My Size Dolls

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Disney Frozen My Size Dolls Features

* Stand over 3 feet tall
* Lightweight and portable
* Posable and self-standing
* Produced in limited edition quantities
* Includes character-specific clothing and accessories


  • Disney My Size Dolls provide a much more realistic playtime experience for your child. Since the dolls are closer in size to your little girl or boy, they feel more like they are playing with one of their equals. This boosts conversation and healthy interaction better than smaller dolls usually do.
  • The Disney movie Frozen has been a huge hit. Already one of the most popular Disney movies of all time, the exploits of Princess sisters Elsa and Anna have been enjoyed by millions of children. Now Disney has produced both Elsa and Anna life-size dolls for individual purchase, and also as a combination set.
  • These limited edition dolls are gorgeous, wearing the outfits, jewelry and accessories their characters are famous for. Measuring more than 36 inches in height, they effectively match the size and height of typical 4 to 6 year olds.
  • The Disney Frozen My Size Elsa comes equipped with a “wear and share” light-up flower clip, movie gown and jewelry. Your child can choose to let Elsa wear this bright blue, flower shaped clippable light, or she can wear it herself to complete her own Elsa outfit.

The Disney Frozen My Size Anna Doll also arrives with her own wear and share light-up flower clip, movie-accurate dress and slippers.

Your little princess may just have found a new BFF, and whether doing homework or having an imaginary tea party, the experience is more real and interactive with a life-size doll.

(Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel and other Disney characters are also available in life-size options over 3 feet tall).

This latest Disney doll offering is flying off of toy store shelves everywhere. A quick buying tip: purchase online where you can shop around for the best price, because the Disney Frozen My Size Dolls are offered in limited quantity and are definitely going to be the hot item this holiday season. The perfect everyday companion for your child.


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