Step2 Big Splash Waterpark Review

It’s a fact that water play can be one of the most beneficial types of play for kids. The Step2 Big Splash Waterpark looks to make the most of this fact by providing a fun, interactive waterpark that children can play with for hours on end.

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Step2 Big Splash Waterpark

With a slide to pour water down, a water wheel, a catapult diving board to fling characters into the water and an easy to use drain plug, the Big Splash Waterpark aims to take the hassle out of water play. By inspiring imaginative play, children will learn through fun!

Where To Buy?

===> The Step2 Big Splash Waterpark is available from

Step2 Big Splash Waterpark Features

•    Includes water-slide and water wheel
•    Catapult diving board
•    Accessory set and drain plug
•    31.5 x 31.5 x 31 inches
•    Ages 18 months to 5 years

Worth The Money?

There’s no escaping the fact that the Big Splash Waterpark is just tremendous fun for young children. Although 18 month old children may struggle to understand the mechanics of the waterpark, slightly older children will have great fun after working out the various cause and affect actions that they can take.

Playing with water is always a fun suggestion, and the Big Splash Waterpark takes the stress and hassle out of arranging clean water play without making a mess.

The unit is well made, and the base feels sturdy and solid when in use. This is reassuring considering the mess that would be caused by the waterpark falling over. The large open pool space in the waterpark is also welcome. Big Splash holds a considerable amount of water, and this encourages imaginative play amongst children. Often, children will also incorporate other toys into Big Splash playtime.

Things We Don’t like about the Big Splash Waterpark…

However, there is one drawback that can be quite frustrating. The accessory pieces of the waterpark don’t actually click into place firmly, but rather sit into place. While this makes dismantling the water-park particularly simple, it can present problems for younger children who lack the dexterity and motor skills to play gently enough without knocking the accessory pieces out of their holder.

While this isn’t a deal breaker, it would be a relatively simply fix to a reasonably prominent failing.

That being said, this prominent failing is really no more than a minor inconvenience. Children will learn what kind of play will cause the water wheel to come out of its holder, for example, and the problem will stop being a problem.

All things considered, the Step2 Big Splash Waterpark represents good value for money and will entertain children for countless hours.

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