Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord Review

Any adult Power Rangers fan will remember the Megazord… well now it’s been completely remade in a toy you’ll wish you had when you were younger!

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The Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord is a sure winner, just for its sheer size, if nothing else.

FisherPrice Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord

For a sub-$100 price range toy, it arrives in a huge package that is bigger than any toddler, making it the perfect gift for big occasions like birthdays or festivals.

Where To Buy The Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord?

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Features of Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord

•    Comes with 4 activation Power Pads that gives kids total control.
•    The left hand side power pad that sits on the left shoulder can be used for awesome transformations.
•    Features like opening chest, lighting eyes, and a pop-out cannon.
•    Transform other Power Pads to fire Power Coins
•    Kids can turn the 3rd Power Pad above the left knee to raise a push-button projectile launcher.
•    The 4th Power Pad above the right knee activates a unique chomping action.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord

Is Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord Worth Buying?

The sheer excitement of seeing such a big gift is enough to make any child go bonkers over their new toy. It’s seriously impressive, as you can see in any photo of a toddler playing with this toy.

Along with the huge playset, the box also comes equipped with 7 projectiles, 6 Power Coins, as well as a Red and Black Ranger that come with articulated arms and legs. The entire toy is articulated and kids can move anything from his head, waist, arms, fingers and even elbows.

The manufacturer has rated the toy as a product suitable for children aged between 3 -8, but rest assured that even kids up to the age of 10 will have just as much, if not more fun than the recommended age group. In fact, any child or even adult who is a Power Ranger fan would be more than thrilled to own such a toy.

The really impressive thing about this toy is just how positive everyone is about it. You’ll be hard pushed to find any negative reviews.

And parents said that girls as well as boys have hours of fun with this toy, thanks to all the little things they can do with it.

In short, kids and even grown adults can have a great time by bringing the joy of their favorite Power Rangers episode or characters to live with the Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord.

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