WowWee MiP Robot Miposaur Review

Toys have come a long way over the past decade and the unique, intelligent WowWee MiP Robot Miposaur is a great example. Responding to hand gesture signals, a unique Trackball, or a Smartphone app; you can train and tame the robot in three different ways.

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WowWee MiP Robot Miposaur Review


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This is a toy with personality! Depending upon what mood the robot is in, he will respond to your commands in different ways.

Take him for a walk, feed him, play games together or watch him dance. This impressive smart toy provides fun for the entire family.

WowWee MiP Robot Miposaur Features

  • Responds to up to 10 different hand gestures
  • Becomes more intelligent overtime for great progressive play
  • Includes Trackball which allows you to activate various modes such as chase, dance, and feed
  • Duel-wheel balancing ensures smooth, easy movements
  • Robots’ mood reflects how he responds. He can be excited, annoyed, or curious, giving him a great personality.
  • Can sense other MiP dinosaur robots nearby
  • Free Smartphone app allows you to tame and train the robot in various ways
  • Comes with BeaconSense and GestureSense technologies
  • Requires 4 AA batteries for the robot and 4 AAA batteries for the Trackball (not included)
  • Age recommendation: 8-15 years



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This clever and intuitive robot is one of the most advanced toys on the market. The progressive play and robotic emotions make it really stand out from the competition.

How it responds to your commands depends entirely upon how it is feeling at that particular time.

It won’t just respond to your hand gestures right away. You need to train and tame the dinosaur, so your hand gestures may be ignored until you’ve mastered it.

What’s really great about this robot is that there is also an app that can be installed on Smartphones and tablets, which provides further interaction.

The trouble with a lot of interactive toys is that they don’t offer much in terms of variety. So you end up getting bored pretty quickly.

As there are three ways to interact with this toy, it does hold your attention much longer than a lot of its competitors.


  • It comes with a higher price tag, which may deter some parents from buying it.
  • The app is for older phones and needs to be updated to be compatible with newer phones.


All in all, this is a cute yet very clever toy robot that will provide plenty of entertainment no matter how old you are. Its progressive playability is also fantastic.

When you invest in this little robot, you can be sure it will keep you and the kids entertained for months.

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