Disney Frozen Royal Sisters Doll 2-Pack Review

Anna and Elsa are the two sisters that make up the lead characters in the hit Disney animated film Frozen.

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As younger siblings, they get along well enough. But when Elsa’s magical abilities to manipulate and control ice and snow hurt her sister Anna, the two separate and Elsa casts a wintry spell over the kingdom of Arendelle.

Anna enlists the help of some brave and comical characters in the movie to reunite with her sister and save her kingdom. With the Disney Frozen Royal Sisters Doll 2-Pack your little princess can re-create her favorite Frozen movie moments.

Let’s take a closer look.

Disney Frozen Royal Sisters Doll

Key Elements of the Disney Frozen Royal Sisters Doll 2-Pack

* Great for Disney collectors
* Crowns and gowns included
* Based on the Disney film Frozen
* Dolls measure more than 1 foot tall
* Package includes both Anna and Elsa dolls

Why Is the Disney Frozen Royal Sisters Doll 2-Pack a Good Buy?

When a Disney film centers around beautiful princesses, a goofy and comical snowman and the redemptive power of love, it is sure to be a global smash. The movie Frozen has netted more than $1.2 billion worldwide, and is a huge hit with young girls who envision themselves as either Anna or Elsa.

And while there are plenty of Frozen dolls available, this particular officially licensed Disney 2-pack provides both Elsa and Anna, splendidly dressed in their movie outfits.

Produced by Mattel, each doll comes equipped with her Princess crown. The detail in the hair for each piece is very well done, and representative of each sisters hair color and style in the film.

Anna wears a shimmering pink ball gown and the icy Elsa appears in a chilling teal dress. Some parents and gift purchasers have noticed it is becoming extremely difficult to find Elsa and Anna dolls at brick-and-mortar retail stores, so the fact that these are sold online with an accessible price tag is a nice benefit.

The dresses are extremely well-made, and will hold up to months and even years of active play. Since the dolls are “Barbie sized”, they appear more lifelike to your child. Purchasing this combo pack also guarantees that you have both of the main characters, allowing for movie recreation moments.

The Disney Frozen Royal Sisters Doll 2-Pack makes a smart purchase for a lot of reasons. Financially, you receive 2 large and extremely popular princess dolls for the price of one.

Also, being officially licensed, this combo pack makes a great collectible for Frozen movie lovers and Disney collectors, but is first and foremost a must-have doll combo from one of the most popular Disney films of all time.

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