Monster High Casta Fierce Doll Review

Monster High Casta Fierce DollWhat would a high school full of monsters be without a concert on Halloween? The Monster High Casta Fierce Doll is decked out in her concert gear, providing the hottest ticket in the Monster High universe. Let’s get a closer look at Casta Fierce, the bewitching celebrity singer of Monster High.

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Monster High Casta Fierce Doll Features

* Ages 6 and up
* Daughter of Circe
* Witches broom is also a microphone stand
* Bewitching concert costume and accessories
* Includes bangles, silvery buckles and purple booties


When the witch Circe gave birth to a little girl, you just knew that she was destined for big things. Casta Fierce, a character which serves as a pun on real-life entertainer Beyonce’s alter ego Sasha Fierce, is a big celebrity name in her own right.

In the Monster High universe she is a pop star just like her MH friends Catty Noir and Operetta. And this Monster High Casta Fierce Doll is ready to rock ‘n roll, dressed enchantingly in a glittery purple, red and black ensemble.

Her witch’s broom is complete with realistic looking purple straw which matches her costume. You can even use Casta’s magical broom as a stand for her microphone. Purple lip gloss, black and purple eye shadow and purple, black and orange streaks in her hair complete the look.

Silver colored buckles adorn her skirt and shoes, and raven black hair drops to her knees. Casta Fierce is voiced by Kate Higgins in the MH series, and now your little monster can re-create all of her favorite Monster High memories with this deeply detailed doll.

Details include a hairstyle that combines gel-type stiffness with free flowing volume. Casta’s earrings are globe-like little creations which are light blue and silvery in color. And as any self-respecting which should have, Casta is complete with pointy ears.

Her gown includes a unique bracing around the shoulders that gives the appearance of a cage. The shoulders on her gown are poofy, Casta sports black studded bracelets on her upper arms, and a single black arm sleeve à la Michael Jackson.

Bangles, buckles, studs, a witchy black belt and a piercing gaze all work together to give the green-skinned Casta a rocking look that leaves no doubt she is definitely a celebrity.

Fans of Monster High should check out the Casta Fierce doll, before she and her band Casta and the Spells pull a disappearing act and are gone forever.

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