SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy Review

Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy

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Many parents are eager to introduce their children to water at a young age, but doing so can be a bit scary. That’s where the Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy comes in.

The concept is simple: Your baby sits in a mesh chair that allows his or her bottom half into the water, while their top half is supported by an inflatable ring.

This allows the child to sit comfortably in the water, supported and safe while getting used to the feeling.

Babies love the Baby Spring Float, and it allows parents to enjoy a dip while keeping baby nearby!

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Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy Features

•    Ages 9 – 24 months
•    Detachable canopy for sun protection
•    Interactive play station
•    Octopus arms holding squeak, rattle, teether, stacking rings & soft touch star
•    Easily folded for storage

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There is no doubting the benefits of the Baby Spring Float. Introducing children to water at a young age is a fantastic way of overcoming any hesitancy or fears they have in future years when learning to swim.

It is also an incredibly relaxing feeling for children, as their legs dangle free under the water.

Parents can enjoy swimming with their child safe in the knowledge that the child is safe and protected at all times.

One of the best features of the Baby Spring Float is the Canopy. Children are incredibly susceptible to getting sunburn from exposure to sunlight, even if just for a brief period.

The detachable canopy on the Baby Spring Float alleviates this danger.

The child can relax under a protective shadow without any fear of being burned.

It is a simple solution to a very real threat, and something that is particularly welcome on any baby float.


While the Swimways Baby Spring Float boasts an activity center, the truth is that this is just an extra that makes the float look more appealing. The activity center includes a squeak, a rattle and stacking rings among other toys, but in reality your child is unlikely to spend much time playing with these toys.

Thankfully, the activity centre is detachable, so if it gets in the way, there is a quick fix.


All in all, this is a well-made baby spring float that does exactly what it says it will, and does so exceptionally well.

The absolute most important aspect of any baby float is that it keeps your child safe, and the Swimways Baby Spring Float does exactly this.

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