Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink & Stove Review

Children love to imitate their parents, and it’s no different when it comes to washing up! With the Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink & Stove, children can play to their heart’s content with a real working faucet and drain!

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Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink & Stove Review

Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink & Stove


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Simply fill up the basin with water and let your children play however they want! The drain feeds back to the basin, so your child can continue playing until they are done.

When they are, the Splish Splash Sink & Stove is super easy to clean and contains its own storage space! What more could you want!?

Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink & Stove Features

•    Ages 2+
•    Real working faucet and drain
•    13 accessories
•    6 x 17 x 12.5 inches
•    No batteries required
•    Portable


The Splish Splash Sink & Stove is noticeable for the number of accessories and gadgets that are included with it.

These include 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 knives, 2 spoons, 2 forks, 1 spatula, 1 frying pan, and 1 set of tongs, along with a real working faucet and drain and a clicking hob!

While the accessories are welcome, the real joy of this toy is the working faucet and drain that allows children to make the jump from imaginative play to real play.

The faucet is pump-activated, requiring the child to press down on a button to activate the water.

It is nice to see toys that don’t require heavy battery use and even more surprising that a toy with a functioning water faucet doesn’t require one.

Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink & Stove


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The only downside to this toy is that activating the faucet does require a substantial amount of pressure to be put on the button.

Smaller children may need to use two hands for this action, making it more difficult to interact with the water as it sprays.

However, this is a minor complaint.


The Splish Splash Sink & Stove is easy to transport, easy to set up and easy to clean.

It encourages tactile, imaginative play and allows children to imitate their parents in the kitchen!

For children who like to play with their hands, this toy sink set is an absolute no-brainer.

Children will love this toy, and parents will take great pleasure from how easy it is to set up and to clean and put away.

Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink & Stove

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  1. This certainly looks like fun. But I’m not sure it’s worth the money because with a little stool and a real sink, just about everything is the same and there’s less mess in the end. Parents, give it some thought.;
    Laurie Hollman, Ph.D.

  2. I always find it funny how kids enjoy copying chores that we as grown-ups usually really dislike, haha.

  3. I love this and I know my boys would like it too, especially my youngest who is still too short to reach our sink but always wants to help.

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