Nurturing A Healthy Body Image In 5 Steps

healthy body image

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Flick through a magazine and you will be bombarded with pictures where every person has the perfect body. Though most of us know these pictures are heavily Photoshopped and unrealistic, it is still quite difficult for just about anyone to be able to accept their own body.

Who hasn’t looked at that  perfect image and compared it to their own body? If you did, you are running the risk of developing a body image for yourself that is unhealthy.

Now is the time to stop look at what someone else considers to be beautiful and learn how to recognize that your body is unique and precious. Being unique is more than enough to label yourself beautiful.

5 Tips to Get a Healthy Body:

1. Embrace Your Strengths

It is important to focus on the things your body can do rather than how it looks. Your body includes your heart, soul and mind. You are a smart, wonderful human being, so embrace your abilities to thrive in a successful career. You carry a kind heart, the kind that has the ability to make others around you happy. That alone is a beautiful thing.

2. Be A Role Model

Becoming a role model for those who are less fortunate will show them how to have a strong self-image. Being a role model means keeping an eye on those in your community and sharing your time with them. Focusing on the inner self rather an outer appearance will help you to understand what true confidence means. Your inner beauty has the ability to light up not only your world but also that of others.

3. Seek Motivational Content

There are always going to be times when you will feel down and sullen. Encouraging words are a great way to get back up and put a smile back on your face where it belongs.

Look online and read words from motivational speakers or listen to stories of encouragement. Motivation is something that can even come from unexpected sources, such as someone who is less fortunate yet has a happiness and inner glow to them.

4. Healthy Relationships Are Key

You will find that those you spend the most time with will help you to mold your self-image. Make an effort to be around people who love you for you and also encourage you to love yourself just as you are.

True friends and supportive family members can be beacons of light. This is unconditional love that will show you that they see your beauty that may otherwise be overlooked.

Take time to be around others who love you and give you honest compliments to build up your self-confidence.

5. Always Reward Yourself

Enjoying your accomplishments and rewarding yourself will help you to understand your true beauty and worth. Potential is very rarely tied to the way that your body looks, so you need to be able to celebrate your entire self. Each achievement, whether big or small, is cause for celebration.

When you take care of yourself, you are working to create a healthy body image, not only on the inside but on the outside as well. Remind yourself of all of your positive traits and one day soon you will believe in them and yourself. Everyone else already knows how wonderful you are, you simply have to jump on board.


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