Shopify Review

If you’re thinking of going into e-commerce and having your own online store, you need a platform to host your shop. You can use WordPress with Woocommerce or another shop extension, but this can be quite a hassle to set up!

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Shopify Review

Shopify is a great solution for managing your store and it is the most popular for online stores, partly because of how easy it is to use. You can focus on much more important tasks rather than doing the admin work manually.

Shopify provides much more than just tools to make selling easier. It helps you sell more at higher conversion rates. With Shopify, marketers can easily increase their revenue and thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

It’s both an e-commerce site builder for entrepreneurs and designers looking to start their own online store, as well as the fastest way for small businesses to get online, on social media, on mobile devices and in front of customers.

With over a million users, this app is really popular. We’ll have to see if it lives up to the hype by looking at some of its features.

The Pros

Very quick set up

Setting up an e-commerce site involves a few different processes. But, with Shopify, you can do it in minutes. It comes pre-built with frameworks designed for entrepreneurs to customize their website and create a unique brand image.

Fact: you can use WordPress and Woocommerce to build an e-commerce store. It may take a lot of time on your part, but it’s possible.

Trying to manage all of your marketing needs by yourself is not easy, so let’s leave the technical stuff to the experts. The goal is for you to make sales, not spend days trying to get different parts of your business working together.

If you’re just starting out with an e-commerce site, Shopify is the way to go.

Easy to use

Shopify has a user interface that’s easy to navigate and provides self-learning tutorials for any questions you might have.

You can mess around with the settings in your dashboard to try things out – unlike your website, where just one small tweak might cause it all to crash.

Shopify is a well-known and trusted brand and is proven to be reliable.

Mobile responsive

You don’t need to manually code your products and pages, and will be able to quickly display them in a readable format on mobile devices.

Beautiful stores

Built with Shopify, the sites of Shopify stores look great. Many of them make use of Facebook ads to promote their business – thanks to the millions of people who are now subconsciously conditioned to consider a reputable store as one that also looks great.

That’s why when you’re building a store on our platform, we’ll do this for you to make sure it has the best chance of success.


Shopify integrates well with many 3rd-party apps and tools, such as Facebook, Google channel, eBay, Oberlo, and Trustpilot reviews. Keep up to date on the latest integrations by checking out the list on their website.

Tons of plugins & themes

You have lots of options to choose from when you’re changing the look of your Shopify store thanks to Shopify themes. Each theme is customizable, so you can make your store look however you want it to

There are also a lot of useful plugins in the app store for e-commerce marketers, which you can use in order to best make your online store. You can discover tools that will really improve your conversion rates and help you earn more money.


You can host your store on Shopify’s servers and you won’t have to worry about downtime. This allows for a fast loading experience and a high level of stability.

Abandoned cart recovery

This feature on Shopify gives merchants an easy way to automatically send those potential customers who leave the checkout page and abandon their cart a reminder email. It’s a great way to increase sales and save some time!

With the Shopify email solution, your customers can click on a link to go back and complete the purchase. This will definitely help with conversions and prevent missed opportunities for potential customers.

Great support

Shopify offers 24/7 chats, phone or email support that is able to fix any problems with your store as soon as they arise.

14-day trial

Shopify is a fully functional 14-day trial. So, you can always try before you buy. But if you’re not sure about it, there’s no commitment on your end.

The Cons

Monthly Fee

It’s hard to find any disadvantages with Shopify since it is such a popular and highly-rated business platform. The only downside some marketers may take issue with is the monthly pricing for some of its plans.

You can easily add multiple apps and other elements to a store, which can make it more expensive. However, what you’re getting is a quick and easy way to set up a fast store with no fuss. This might come at a price though, so you should think about whether having an awesome website without the hassle is worth paying for.

Should You Get It?

Must you even ask?

Having Shopify as your e-commerce platform is a no-brainer. It’s the BEST.

Like many other e-commerce platforms, Shopify is popular for both its look and its ability to turn your store into a sales machine with virtually no effort.

Do you want to have an e-commerce store?

You need Shopify. Period.

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