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Are you are ready to earn money online by selling digital products from the comfort of your own home? Digital products are booming and now is the ideal time for you to take advantage of this thriving business opportunity. Take a look at this list of the best digital products to sell online and use your expertise, and creativity to create products that you can sell again and again!

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Digital Products To Sell Online - Mompreneur Buisiness Ideas

Why Sell Digital Products?

There are many advantages to selling digital products, but to give you some incentive here are our top 5 reasons to sell digital products.

  • Low startup costs.
  • Work from home and enjoy the freedom and flexibility.
  • Passive income.
  • You decide how much money you want to earn.
  • Unlimited inventory.

Digital Products To Sell Online

Now that you know how wonderful digital products are as a business model, let’s dive into digital product ideas you can start creating today!

Online Courses

Turn your knowledge into a digital course that you may resell time and time again.

There’s a digital course for almost any niche, so depending on your expertise or knowledge, there’s likely a big demand for it.

What are you good at? Cooking? Makeup? Wellness? Tech? Knitting or other crafts?

Depending on what you’re teaching, you can sell a course for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

If developing a course sounds intimidating at first you can always start with a mini-course sell it to a few people. When you get results, you can use their testimonials to make more sales with your course.

You can create your own digital course on educational platforms like Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi!

Create and Sell Fonts

If you love hand-lettering and writing put those skills to use creating fonts to sell to people who need them for their digital products. Fonts really sell well on market places like Creative Market, Font bundles, and Creative Fabrica!

Sell SVGs and PNGs

A lot of people are looking for SVGs and PNGs to create their own digital products and sell on Etsy or for use with their Cricut machine.

Cute quotes and graphics are in high demand, so if you know how to create these, you can sell these on marketplaces Creative Fabrica, Creative Market, and Design Bundles.

Selling Ebooks

Share your knowledge with others who need it by creating an ebook. Examples include a cookbook, a how-to guide for a program you’re using, or even fiction.

You can sell ebooks on Amazon KDP, Gumroad, Payhip, and, Etsy!

Social Media Content Calendars and Templates

If you are skilled with social media & content strategy, then you can create a template for content calendars that other creators can use to plan their own posts.

You can create it in a Google sheet so that people can save it to their Google drive and come up with their own content strategy.


Printables are big right now and since there are so many options out there, you will have no problem finding customers to buy them!

If you don’t know what printables you want to create and sell just go to and do a search for “printable.” You’ll see a lot of ideas popping up like printable wall art, printable planners and calendars, stickers, wedding invitations, cheat sheets, and more!

You could just browse through all of these and do some research to see if it sparks some ideas on what you want to create. Creating printables is easy using Canva, but you can also use Google Docs (free!) or programs like Libre Office (also free!).

Canva templates

Canva is a great platform to create digital products such as ebooks, brand kits, media kit templates, and more. After creating a Canva template you can offer it for sale on Etsy, Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles, or your own website and send your customer a “share link” after you receive your payment.

This way your customer can customize the template for themselves.

Membership Site

This is a great way to have a monthly income because people are paying you to provide value to them every single month on the platform that you choose to host this on. 

Most of the options that you would use to create your online course also work for creating a membership site like Thinkific, Teachable, and Kajabi and also Member Press and Memberful.

Stock Photos and Videos

If you enjoy taking professional photos and professional videos you can sell them on platforms like Shutterstock, 123RF, iStock, and Creative Market as a few examples.

You can also make mockup images for people to show off their wall art printables or photos.

Plans and Programs

Similar to online courses you can offer an 8 week or 12-week strategy plan or challenge for your customers to reach a specific goal. Examples include meal and workout plans, content creation challenges, or saving and budgeting.

Branding Templates

Create brand kit templates for your clients to use on media templates with logo designs, and even Youtube channel branding templates.

Business owners who really need to save time and stay consistent with their branding love these! f you go on to Creative market and hover over templates you will see a lot of examples under social media websites email and business cards

Mobile Apps

There’s an app for literally everything out there and there’s an ongoing demand for them. Yoga, meditation, games are just a few examples!

If you don’t know how to create a mobile app yourself, you can hire someone in places like Fiverr and Upwork.

Brainstorm an idea and work with a developer to translate that idea into a mobile app that they create for you.

Quick Start Guides

If there is a tool or a platform that you are familiar with, you can help people who are just getting started. So for example, if you use Convertkit for email marketing you can create a quick start guide helping people set up and customize their Convertkit account. You can offer this as a pdf file or even a video.

One-on-One Coaching Packages

You can work one-on-one with clients to achieve a specific goal such as business, mindset, or fitness goal.

Since you’re offering customized packages tailored for them you can even charge a premium

Good Notes Planners

Good Notes is an iPad app for planning, taking notes, and more. You can create digital planners specifically for use on Good Notes and it is incredible how high on demand this specific product is right now!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great online business strategy and it’s super easy to get started. Basically, you recommend products and tools that you use or that you stand by and you earn a commission for every sale you make.

Many businesses provide affiliate programs, making it easy for you to promote and earn passive income.

The amount that you make depends on how much commission the company offers and how they set up their affiliate program.

Sewing Patterns

If you are into fashion and you love to draft and sew you can create your own patterns into pdf files that you sell in your shop. You can offer a bunch of different patterns for different garments in pdf files so people can create their clothes and accessories.

Audio Files

If you have musical talent, you can record your own songs and sell them on platforms where music is purchased. Musicians will often go to these platforms to find good quality sounds for their videos.

You can start a podcast. Many podcasts are free, but you could earn money from sponsorships & brand deals and from directing visitors to your other products.

Another option is to publish an audiobook. For example, if you like writing fiction, you could record an audiobook and sell that (or similarly for non-fiction authors).

Digital Products To Sell Online Action Plan

As you can tell there are many ways to earn money by selling digital products and start-up costs are usually low. Your action plan is to:

  • Identify your niche (what’s your expertise or passion)
  • Identify your customer’s needs.
  • Create a product from our list of digital products that satisfies your customer’s needs.
  • Sell it on your own website or an online marketplace.

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