12 Work From Home Wellness Tips For a Healthy and Productive Day

How to practice self care while working from home? Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be a bit of challenge, but with these work from home wellness tips you can thrive and excel!

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Work From Home Wellness Tips - Self Care While Working From Home

Set Boundaries

Set up a schedule and stick it to a whiteboard or on the fridge. A routine really helps to maintain a balance between work and play, so get up early and start the day with meditation, a prayer or some journaling.

Dress up for the day in work clothes to help you mentally switch into work mode, as you will feel competent and professional.

Not only will dressing up make you more productive, it will also help with healthy behaviors such as exercise and weight control.

Make sure you have an end point for the days as well, so schedule an appointment (even it’s just dinner) in your planning as well.

At the end of the day leave your workspace like you would normally leave your office.

Create a Home Office

A separate workspace encourages productivity, creativity and wellness. Even a small corner in your living room makes is easier for you to separate work life and home life.

Sit Near The Window

Natural light and a view can lower blood pressure and stress levels.

Keep It Tidy

A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind! A clean and tidy workspace leads to increased focus and also lowers your anxiety and stress levels.

Declutter your desk regularly and make a habit of doing it at the end of the work day.

Make Plants Your Best Friends

Plants have many benefits for your health and well-being:

  • They purify the air and remove nasty pollutants making you office a healthier environment.
  • Plants look great, make us mile and have a positive impact on our happiness.
  • Plants also reduce stress and lower blood pressure, which in turn increases productivity.

The best plants for the home office are the Areca palm, Chinese Money Plant, snake plant and the Aloe Vera.

Do Some Exercise

Use a timer like the Tomato Timer to schedule regular breaks away from your screen. Remember that sitting is the new smoking, so have a regular break to “snack” some exercise.

Prolonged sitting is linked to obesity, high blood pressure and excess fat around the waist according to researchers at the Mayo Clinic.

Exercise releases endorphins that will give you a happy boost and positively influence your mood.

You could go for a walk at lunch time or get up and do some squats, lunges or stretches. Getting your blood flowing helps you get energized and is also good for your immune system.

Remember to go out in the sun, if possible to catch some much needed vitamin D.

Check Your Posture

We all know that slouching is bad for the back, so use cushions and a foot rest for support. Your knees should be at a 45 degree angle when sitting with a straight back. Align your screen so the top is clearly visible without tilting your chin.

You could also try a desk that moves from sitting to standing. Even if you do this for an hour a day, you’ll reap many health benefits.

Create a To Do List

Make a list for your important tasks for the day separating work and home chores. Try to check off equal numbers of both during the day to ensure a sense of balance.

Before you finish work, move any unfinished tasks to the next work day prioritizing important deadlines.

Stick To One Task

It’s easy to get side tracked when you switch between apps and tasks and it usually means you get done neither! Multi-tasking is seriously overrated; pick one task and stick to it, so you will actually get the job done!

Stay Social with Colleagues

Even from a distance, you can stay social. Use technology to have a video lunch with a friend or colleague or have a TGIF happy hour on Friday’s after 5.

Call a friend and go out for a walk together during lunch time or grab a head set and listen to some music while you’re walking. It will clear your head and hit a mental an physical refresh button to get you through the rest of the day.

But Stay Off Social Media

Checking your FB home feed and YouTube for cute cat video’s is a serious time suck and checking the “news” can even negatively affect your productivity and motivation.

If social media is part of your work, schedule it for a certain amount of time and stick to the task.

Eat Healthy

Working from home makes it easier to walk on over to fridge for some snacks, so make sure you have healthy foods on hand. Keep candy and processed food out of the house and stock up on veggies, (boiled) eggs en some fruits.

Keep fresh water within reach to stay properly hydrated.

We hope you like our work from home wellness tips. Do you have any tips for self-care while working from home? Share them in the comments below!

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