How to Earn $5 A Day

how to earn $5 a day

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A great way to secure your financial income is to set a goal of creating a stream of income for just $5 a day. While $5 may not sound like much money, if you take the time to do your math you will see that it adds up to over $1800 per year.

Jut think about how much money you will have if you take the time to set up just one of these income streams each month while you’re not at work.

It may seem intimidating to set each idea up and implement it, but in time, you can make millions. No one is intimidated at setting a goal of $5 per day.

Here is how to get the process in motion to create your $5 per day initial income stream.

Start Brainstorming

Set up a list of ideas that will show you how to earn $5 per day while online. It’s important to create a list of ideas and add to it. Make your first list with at least 25 ideas and add to this list on a daily basis. Now you’ll have ways to set into motion in order to get yourself started.

List Of $5 a day Ideas

Here are a few to get your creative juices going:

  • Write and sell an Ebook on Amazon.com
  • Create a video that shows how to do something. It may be something simple such as pruning a bush or tree. Now post it on YouTube and start making money through YouTube’s ad program.
  • Create a website about your favorite movie star and start making money by selling related items on Amazon.com on your own platform. Sign up to make Amazon commissions on items that your leads buy from Amazon.
  • Sell your world famous pie recipe on such sites as Fiverr.com.
  • Are you a skilled writer? Perhaps even in a foreign language? Offer your services on sites like Textbroker or Article Content. If you’re really good you can easily make $20 for a quality article.

As you can see, this list is nearly endless and you can continue adding to your list at any time. As you come up with ideas make sure to write them down. This way you can create many $5 incomes simultaneously.

Always try to be a step ahead of the game and think about “How I can help others learn this or that. How can I make this idea into money?”

Get Busy

Now that you have the ideas flowing, get busy with your list. In many cases you can put in as little as 20 hours each week to get your ideas into action. It may take you a few weeks to get it going depending upon the idea and you’ll be able to start working toward this income goal.

Some ideas are going to take a bit longer to get going than others but once your ideas get off the ground you’ll be up and running.

Stay Focused

Stay focused on one idea at a time until you’re sure it’s up and running in full swing. Many wait for that one spectacular idea to get going but it’s wiser to take each idea and get going on it. Somewhere, someone is earning over a million dollars each year retreading a tire or selling paper clips. All you have to do is get your idea out there and get going with it.

As you finish one $5 idea, go on to the next one. Work at the next one until it’s been fully implemented and go to the next idea. The more you rinse and repeat, the more you’ll make.

Test and Tweak

Review your ideas every so often and see if there is any tweaking that might be able to increase your income potential. A simple tweak may make you even more money.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Remember, each idea you come up with is a potential $5 per day. For every $5 idea you have, you have the potential to earn $5 so take that $5 and reinvest in yourself.

You don’t need a million dollar idea in order to become comfortable financially. All you need is a few good five dollar ideas to get you up and going on autopilot.

That simple $5 per day really does add up. If you have 25 ideas that average you $5 each day, you could wind up earning $125 per day. When you add it all up, you could be making over $45 each year in passive income. So what are you waiting for? Get going on your $5 ideas today!



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