How to Earn $5 A Day

A great way to secure your financial income is to set a goal of creating a stream of income for just $5 a day. While $5 may not sound like much money, if you take the time to do your math you will see that it adds up to over $1800 per year.

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How to Earn $5 A Day

Just think about how much money you will have if you take the time to set up just one of these income streams each month while you’re not at work.

It may seem intimidating to set each idea up and implement it, but in time, you can make millions. No one is intimidated at setting a goal of $5 per day.

Here is how to get the process in motion to create your $5 per day initial income stream.

Start Brainstorming

Set up a list of ideas that will show you how to earn $5 per day while online. It’s important to create a list of ideas and add to them. Make your first list with at least 25 ideas and add to this list on a daily basis. Now you’ll have ways to set into motion in order to get yourself started.

List Of $5 a day Ideas

Here are a few to get your creative juices going:

Start A Blog

Earning money from blogging is a popular choice for moms these days. Setting up a blog is relatively easy and the initial investment is low.

There is a learning curve, but it will pay off later on. With a blog, you can earn anything from a few dollars a day to thousands a day. Of course, this won’t happen overnight (steer clear of people who make you these promises), but with time you are building a wonderful asset that pays.

The best ways to monetize a blog are ads, affiliate links, and sponsored posts.

Earn Money Taking Surveys

Taking surveys is something you can do on your own time is therefore perfect for busy moms! You can review products, play online games, take surveys, and more.

Some of these survey sites pay out in gift cards like Amazon, Paypal, Target, Walmart, and more. Others send you Paypal cash.

2 of the best survey sites to earn money with are:

Write and sell an Ebook on

Use your skills to pay the bills! Maybe you know how to knit or crochet, maybe you are a good cook or have some other skill that many people could use. Create and sell your own Ebook on Amazon to make the most of it!

If you like children’s books, but don’t want all the work involved in writing one yourself, buy an already written book from sites such as Createspace for $49 (plus publishing costs) and then create your own custom cover art with Canva.

Sell these “new” copies at local craft fairs or online through Etsy – I am sure someone would be willing to pay more than $50 for something brand new if they couldn’t find what they were looking for otherwise!

Create a Video Tutorial

Create a video that shows how to do something. It may be something simple such as pruning a bush or tree. Now post it on YouTube and start making money through YouTube’s ad program.

Other options include learning platforms such as Udemy and Teachable.

You can create video tutorials on any number of topics in order to share your knowledge.

You’ll set up the equipment, do some research before filming (start with what you already know), and then record yourself giving step-by-step instructions or demonstrations – all while being entertaining enough so that people will watch it from start to finish.

For example: if you like making dresses, make a tutorial about how to sew one; if you have expertise in cooking pasta dishes, show us how easy and quick they are by creating a recipe video series!

Become a Freelance Writer

Making $5 a day from writing is totally possible – and this is an especially good option for moms.

Writing a blog post, for instance, might take you about two hours to research, formulate your thoughts and write it out. You could make anywhere from $25-50 per hour by writing on sites like Upwork or Freelancer!

How do I start? Check online job listings in the field of blogging that interest you most: they’ll say what type of skills are needed for each position advertised.

Then apply with a cover letter introducing yourself (explaining why you’re interested) along with your resume as well as links to any articles published already so that hiring managers can see your previous work if they have time to review them before making their decision.

Become a Proofreader

If you’re more interested in the editing side of things, proofreading could be a good option for you. Proofreaders will check over information to make sure it’s all correct and up-to-date before being published or released into the public domain – so that everything is factually accurate with no glaring errors present!

How do I start? Look on sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Indeed, or even Craigslist for listings specifically requesting someone who has experience as a proofreader.

Check out their requirements such as how much they’re willing to pay per hour and what kind of qualifications are needed; If there is any overlap between your skills and theirs, then apply.

Manage Social Networks

Manage Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter accounts for small businesses in your area.

You can also try posting ads on sites like Facebook, Linked In, or Craigslist to find clients who are looking for someone with graphic design skills.

Create a portfolio of your work and request an hourly rate that you think is fair. You could even offer discounted rates if the client agrees to make payments in advance!

It’s totally up to you how much time you want to dedicate- it might be enough just to do one side project every few weeks.

And don’t forget about options outside of social media management: web design, blogging, and copywriting are other ways savvy moms can earn money from home.

Putting It All Together

As you can see, this list is nearly endless and you can continue adding to your list at any time. As you come up with ideas make sure to write them down. This way you can create many $5 incomes simultaneously.

Always try to be a step ahead of the game and think about:

  • How I can help others learn this or that.
  • How can I make this idea into money?

Get Busy

Now that you have the ideas flowing, get busy with your list. In many cases, you can put in as little as 20 hours each week to get your ideas into action. It may take you a few weeks to get it going depending upon the idea and you’ll be able to start working toward this income goal.

Some ideas are going to take a bit longer to get going than others but once your ideas get off the ground you’ll be up and running.

Stay Focused

Stay focused on one idea at a time until you’re sure it’s up and running in full swing. Many wait for that one spectacular idea to get going but it’s wiser to take each idea and get going on it. Somewhere, someone is earning over a million dollars each year retreading a tire or selling paper clips. All you have to do is get your idea out there and get going with it.

As you finish one $5 idea, go on to the next one. Work at the next one until it’s been fully implemented and go to the next idea. The more you rinse and repeat, the more you’ll make.

Test and Tweak

Review your ideas every so often and see if there is any tweaking that might be able to increase your income potential. A simple tweak may make you even more money.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Remember, each idea you come up with is a potential $5 per day. For every $5 idea you have, you have the potential to earn $5 so take that $5 and reinvest in yourself.

You don’t need a million-dollar idea in order to become comfortable financially. All you need is a few good five-dollar ideas to get you up and going on autopilot.

That simple $5 per day really does add up. If you have 25 ideas that average you $5 each day, you could wind up earning $125 per day. When you add it all up, you could be making over $45 each year in passive income. So what are you waiting for? Get going on your $5 ideas today!

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