Achieve A Stress-Free Work/Life Balance In Just 20 Minutes Per Day

Overworking youself may seem like a good idea for success in life, but in reality it can do more harm than good. It leads to increased stress and strain, which causes a drop in productivity. Don’t burn the candle at both ends or your health and happiness will suffer.

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The key to success lies in finding the right work/life balance in life. Instead of devoting all your time to work, it is best to make time for other pursuits that renew and revive the body and mind. Yes, income is important, but if it comes at the expense of other areas of life then you will never create the successful life that you deserve.

work/life balance

This 20-minute program will help you achieve a stress-free work/life balance in your daily life:

1. Devote five minutes each day to meditation or visualization. Ideally, you should begin each day with a meditation that focuses on setting the scene for a productive and energetic day.

* Meditation calms the mind and body so that you start your day refreshed and alert.

* Meditation in the morning helps you attain better mental focus on your goals for the day.

2. Allot five minutes to planning the day’s activities. Planning after meditation ensures that you are calm and centered as you decide on your daily goals. Make your goals precise and be sure not to overload yourself.

* List your daily goals in order of importance. That way, as you work from the top of your list you will accomplish the most valuable tasks first, and if you run out of stream, you will have at least accomplished the most important things.

* Try not to deviate from your plan. Let each accomplishment motivate you as you work your way down the list.

3. Take five breaks of one-minute each, to assess your progress throughout the day. This way you will identify problematic areas so that you can make adjustments, as needed.

* Do not beat your self up if you do not accomplish a given task. Instead, figure out why you were unable to complete a task. Then, write down how you can avoid the pitfall in the future.

* When something unforeseen occurs, do not let it get you down. Rather, you should attempt to go with the momentum of the day. You cannot control everything and often the best course of action is simple acceptance.

4. End the day with a five minutes of relaxation. Decompressing at day’s end is one of the secrets to sustained success in life. You need to do something that marks the end of the day’s worries and activities. This practice can also set the scene for a good night’s rest, which will further improve your productivity and happiness in life.

* Relax your body with gentle exercise or yoga. Listen to calming music and mentally calm your mind and body.

* Spend time in the evenings with your family and loved ones. Take the time to connect with the people who love and support you. This will help you stay grounded and keep you in contact with the truly valuable people in your life.

If you give this simple 20-minute program at try, you will find a more peaceful and productive way of being. Balancing your work life and personal life will lead to greater performance, clarity and happiness. Give this program a try and you will experience more contentment and productivity each and every day!

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