How To Wear Statement Jewelry

statement jewelry

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Bored with your everyday clothes? Tired of wearing that same old blouse and pants to work? Jazz up that outfit with statement jewelry!

Start with a Statement Necklace

Once place to start is with big, bold statement necklaces. They’re in many stores right now and they can easily dress up a denim shirt into a great outfit for a night on the town.

Usually with plastic “stones,” these chunky necklaces manage to convey “fun” and “elegant” – often with a few well-placed fake rhinestones within the bold links of necklace. They come in blues and greens, shades of cream and beige, reds and oranges and yellows or blues and purples.

Pick up one or two at your favorite shop and you’ve made a major update in your wardrobe.

Pair With Statement Earrings

You can pair that necklace with a set of bold, chunky earrings. Often the necklaces are sold with a pair of semi-matching earrings.

You don’t need to be too matchy-matchy, but the store usually sells something in a similar bead that clearly goes with the necklace – adding that kicks the outfit up one more notch.

statement jewelry - Ben-Amun Jewelry St. Tropez Link BraceletChunky Bracelets

Another popular jewelry item is a big, chunky bracelet. They’ll often come in multiple colors and in either plastic, metal or wooden beads.

Consider stacking on several to really make a statement. Sometimes mixing and matching thicker pieces with thinner pieces or multiple colors makes a big impact.

–>>In the picture: Ben-Amun Jewelry St. Tropez Link Bracelet

Other items? You can get clips to put on your shoes, jazzing up those ballerina flats or even a headband. Some people even suggest clipping them to a handbag.

How Much Statement Jewelry is Too Much?

One caveat: how many of these items can be worn at one time? Whether you add statement jewelry in three places or just one or two depends on the effect you want.

Is the rest of your outfit plain and understated? Then you might be able to add quite a bit of jewelry. However, if you’re wearing multiple colors and patterns, then you might want to scale it back to one piece.

Wearing a choker? Skip the bold earrings and wear an understated pair or go bare!

If you like wearing dangling earrings with your cocktail dress, skip the statement necklace.

Coordinating Your Outfit

The general rule with coordinating an outfit is easy – add it up to 10! You score one point for each color, texture, stripe, and accessory.

Black pants – one point. Do those black pants have pinstripes? Add another point. Is there a wider than usual leg, or is it a skinny pant? Add a point.

Shoes: plain, add one point, anything funky or an unusual pattern or strong styling? Another point.

Keep adding one point for each item and each color within the item until you get to ten. Stop there.

Keep in mind that a statement necklace would score this way: one point for the necklace itself, one point for the fact that it’s chunky, one point for each color in the necklace, one point for each new type of bead — plastic versus rhinestone, etc.

These are no hard and fast rules, just guidelines. Adding statement jewelry can add a polish and sparkle to anything in your closet.

You can mix and match, add and subtract or even have an accessories party and trade with your friends to find new pieces.

The sky’s the limit to what you can do with these fun, bold pieces of jewelry.

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