10+ Christmas Garland Decorating Ideas

Christmas garlands are perhaps the most popular and useful holiday decoration available, and their versatility makes them perfect for virtually any holiday.

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Here are some Christmas Garland Decorating Ideas for this holiday season:

Christmas Garland Decorating Ideas for Indoors

* Stair rails: You can intertwine garlands on the rails of your stairways for a homey touch that flows from one level of your home into another.

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* Mantels: A garland is especially beautiful draped over its traditional place on the mantel where it accompanies your framed photos, holiday knick-knacks, and maybe even a few hung stockings.

* Door frames: Everyday door frames are the perfect opportunity to liven up your home for the holidays. All you have to do is hang garlands over your door frames, and your whole home will be festive.

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* Bookcases: Bookcases are an often underutilized decorative opportunity. A garland can be either draped over the top, trailing down the sides of the bookcase, or small pieces can be artfully placed on each shelf.

* Centerpiece decorations: When you are getting ready to sit down to a holiday meal with your family, it’s nice to have a festive holiday centerpiece to dress up the table for the special occasion. You can use a garland in or around a centerpiece for the perfect touch.

Outdoor Christmas Garland Decorating Ideas

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* Streetlights: If you have light posts or streetlights in your yard, you can wrap each base with a garland to give it a festive look.

* Mailboxes: A little bit of garland can turn a regular mailbox into a beautiful holiday decorative piece.

* Porches: Use garlands on the railing around your porch and on pillars to make your home a beautiful holiday attraction.

In Your Office

* Desks: Give your office a bit of holiday flair with garlands trimming the edges of desks and cubicles.

* Entryways: Turning your office into a festive atmosphere is easy with simple touches of garlands draped around entryways and doors.

Simple Elegance

Garlands might seem like the simplest of holiday decorations, but a garland really brings a festive touch to any room, home, or office.

Add easy touches such as flowers, pine cones, tinsel, or frost with canned “snow” to give it an extra special look.

Not Just For Christmas

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Garlands aren’t just for Christmas. Because a garland can be decorated with just about any colors or little touches, it is a perfect decoration for any holiday.

Holiday-specific colors or decorations can be added to make garlands the perfect decorative touch for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, New Year’s, or any holiday that you celebrate.

Because they are so versatile, garlands are the perfect holiday decoration for offices and other public or shared spaces.

Garlands are the quintessential holiday decoration for any home, house, office, or any space that needs some holiday cheer.

You can find garlands in any craft or home store, or floral boutique. You can use garlands made from real plants or choose artificial.

The options are truly endless.


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