5 Steps For Stress Free Holiday Shopping

No one enjoys the stress that holidays bring even though everyone looks forward to them.

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stress-free Christmas shopping

Instead of spending your time worrying about the process of preparing for the holidays, why not just follow these tips and spend your time enjoying yourself with your family and friends?

Forego Making Purchases On Credit

Every year, holiday related spending averages around $700 for families in the United States. If you charge those purchases instead of paying cash, you’ll wind up spending an additional $200 if you pay the minimum balance every month for three years at an annual rate of 18% on the card. Those monthly payments should be called monthly stresses. To make sure that you have enough cash on hand to avoid the use of a credit card for your holiday shopping, use the next tip.

Include Holiday Shopping Into Your Monthly Budget All Year

It’s a great feeling when you are able to pay cash for all of your purchases for the holiday. It feels better and doing so eliminates the leading cause of holiday stress: Money worries. By setting aside $20 per week, you’ll have $1,000 to enjoy shopping with for the holiday. To save the cash, forgo a few trips for fast food or expensive coffee each week. You’ll feel calmer when you have this type of savings plan in place. If it’s too late for this holiday season, plan to start saving for next year.

Spend Less On Things And More On Activities

Focus on spending more quality time with the people you love over the holidays. It’s more important to spend time enjoying activities with the people in your life than waiting in long lines on Black Friday to buy a limited-edition toy.

The levels of oxytocin, a hormone within your body, increases when you socialize. When higher levels are present, you experience more peace and calm as stress levels are reduced.

The less time you spend running around scrambling for gifts, and the more time you spend the holiday season socializing with your family and friends, the happier you will be.

Shop Smart and Plan Before You Go

You will have much lower stress levels when you plan out your shopping schedule long before the holidays arrive. Start by making a list that includes everyone you are buying a present for with ideas about what they want on it. Carry this list all year. That way, if you are out shopping and find a perfect gift for someone on it, you can pick up that gift on the spot.

Make a plan before leaving the house if you absolutely have to be a part of the madness of the holiday shopping season. Look for the specials and sales in your area and divide the shopping duties among members of your family.

Embrace Online Shopping

You have access to every single product made in the world from the calm and security of your home if you are willing to shop using your PC or tablet. You can sit in your favorite chair while enjoying a favorite beverage and get all of your shopping for the holiday done without running into a single crowd.

In addition, you have access to a world’s worth of bargains that are not available in your area.

You won’t have to stop at the gas station to fill up before shopping and waste time looking for a parking spot. Give yourself the gift of a stress-free holiday season by going online to make all of your holiday purchases.

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