15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

Preschoolers can sometimes be a difficult group to buy for, for one very big reason. They are at an age where many of them know what they want and they aren’t afraid to tell you what that is!

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While there is no doubting the benefit that a challenging puzzle game can offer a preschooler, there is no guarantee that such a toy will be well received! Unless of course,  you know the child well!

That being said, there are still a great number of gifts that you can win over any stubborn preschooler with.

Let’s look at the most popular Christmas gift ideas for preschoolers.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

Dolls For Preschoolers

Dolls are great for pretend play and a way for kids to express feelings and create ideas. Here are a few of our favorite dolls.

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Musical Toys

Musical toys are often misrepresented for babies and toddlers. When we say musical toys here, we are not talking about any old toy that lights up and blares out a number of pre-recorded tunes.

We are talking about basic musical toys that can teach children about musicality. Percussion toys are a great starting point, as are simple wind instruments like a toy harmonica.

Children can learn cause and effect, and it has been shown that children who play with musical toys at a young age are more likely to take up playing an instrument in later life.


While there’s no questioning that books make a fantastic gift regardless of the age of a child, there is perhaps no time when this is more relevant than when discussing preschoolers.

Soon, these children will be in an official learning environment and will be presented with letters and words on a daily basis.

By providing these children with books at a young age, an appreciation and love of reading can be developed early, making the transition to school learning all the easier.

Arts & Crafts

Preschoolers are at the perfect age to really be pushing on with their creative play, and gifts that cultivate this creative craft are always a good idea. While this might be something as simple as a coloring book, preschoolers are at an age whereby they can get invested in more serious craft projects, so more exciting gifts can be considered.

Cutlery that needs to be painted by the child so that it is distinctly theirs is a fantastic way of spending a few hours.

Similarly, painting a birdhouse or making a kite can be tremendously fun activities when undertaken as a family.

When considering an arts & crafts gift, consider whether it will engage the child, and whether it will challenge them. Ideally, it should do both.

Hope you like these gift ideas for preschoolers. More gifts can be found here.

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