Relaxation Tips For Busy Moms

relaxation tips for busy moms

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We busy moms are multitasking machines. We take care of the kids, manage the house, a job…No wonder we’re stressed out, tired and in desperate need of some me-time.

That’s easier said then done though: Between getting your kids to school in the morning, work and doing household chores how do you find time to relax?

Our relaxation tips for busy moms will help you get your much deserved me-time:

Plan Ahead

Cooking and freezing food in batches over the weekend will save you time during the week. Stews and soups can easily be made ahead and frozen, so you’ll always have a homemade meal on busy days.

Or buy a good quality crock-pot: In the morning you just add the ingredients to the pot and have a great, healthy and home-cooked dinner hours later without lifting a finger. Check out our winter crockpot recipes.

The night before school, fix lunches for the kids and do the ironing. Make sure their schoolbags are placed by the front door, so they can just grab and go.

All this will help you stay more calm and rested during the day.

Get Up earlier

We know, we know: it does not actually sound appealing (especially on cold winter mornings) but getting out of bed earlier will give you a head start for the rest of the day. Believe us: That extra half an hour will make sure everything will run more smoothly and therefore less stressful.

Alternatively using this extra time before the kids wake up will give you some much needed me-time. Use this quiet time to exercise, meditate, read a book, listen to music… Absolute bliss!

Get Moving

Exercise may be the last thing on your mind, but getting active helps you think clearly, stretches your muscles and gives you more energy. Stress will disappear as those powerful endorphins are released into your system.

Just a few minutes will make a big difference, so make the most of that commercial break and use the time to do some push-ups, a yoga sun salutation or do some rope skipping.

If possible use your lunch break to take a walk or ride your bike to the mall.

Keep Laughing

Laughing is good for you as numerous studies have proven already. Watching funny cat video’s on YouTube, watching your favorite comedy or having a daily joke calendar on your walls; anything that makes you laugh will do! Laughing helps relieve stress and lift your spirits, so crack a smile!

Get Help

No, we don’t mean a nanny or a housekeeper. (Although if you can afford one: hooray for you!) Enlist help from your parents, your spouse or maybe a good neighbor. Dad can bond with his kids while you shop for a new dress or read a book.

Maybe grandma and grandpa or your neighbors  can take the kids for the weekend while you and your significant other have a date night?

Make it special and something you really enjoy!

Make the Most of What You got

Any time you have for yourself should be made extra special. For example: when you take a bath, make sure you create a relaxing atmosphere by lighting some candles, playing relaxing music (ocean waves anyone?) and having a glass of wine.

Re-connect with Nature

Stepping out for walk , if only for a few minutes, will do you the world of good. Walk to a park, playground, lake or anywhere that makes you feel calm. Enjoy the sounds of the birds and take in the sights of nature’s beautiful colors. This will keep you grounded and you’ll have new energy for the rest of your day.

Busy moms need to take care of themselves, because no-one else will do that for you. So take a break from the daily grind and think of you.  You deserve and need it!

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